The Big “Five” of Fashion Week?

Though there are fashion weeks for almost every region and city across the globe, it is well known that there is the "Big Four" which includes New York, London, Milan, & Paris. Some of the many fashion weeks you may not have heard about but are definitely worth looking at are South Africa Fashion Week, Amazon … Continue reading The Big “Five” of Fashion Week?

5 Reasons Why You Should Support Local Designers

It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child, here at AMCONYC, we consider independent local businesses as the child and ourselves as the village helping raise it up! Unless you’ve got a miracle or it’s just dumb luck, success doesn’t happen overnight, so in order for a company to succeed, it … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Support Local Designers

AMCONYC Holiday Pop-Up Recap

December 15-18 AMCONYC hosted the highly anticipated holiday pop up alongside with Tech Style. All of these designers have an amazing story and they sell with a phenomenal purpose. There were special design backpacks with a story, Moroccan treats, and everyday leggings that help you burn 200+ calories in eight hours. Lets get started! CARLEY … Continue reading AMCONYC Holiday Pop-Up Recap

Top 5 Winter Fragrances

Your perfume sets the tone for not only your look but your whole day. Changing your perfume every season shouldn't be a 'want' but a necessity. Your scent is as important as your outfit darling. I've not only rounded up the top winter fragrances but I also listed the perfect kind of outfits to go … Continue reading Top 5 Winter Fragrances

Amanda Maria: Where Comfort and Class Meet

Amanda Maria creates minimalist designs with an edge. Amanda Maria uses classic, timeless colors and silhouettes paired with clean lines and edgy design details for a modern, comfortable, and chic look. The brand's goal is to ensure that style and comfort continuously go hand in hand. Her collections are designed using neutral colors like black, … Continue reading Amanda Maria: Where Comfort and Class Meet

ELKEL: Bridging the Gap

ELKEL is not just another fashion brand. It's for those who see fashion as a trendsetting lifestyle and use fashion as a way of self-expression. ELKEL views fashion as a timeless and distinctive entity. ELKEL was created in 2015 by Kelvin Oliver Goncalves with the goal of "exploring creative rebellion through experiential expression". The brand has become … Continue reading ELKEL: Bridging the Gap