The Big “Five” of Fashion Week?

Though there are fashion weeks for almost every region and city across the globe, it is well known that there is the "Big Four" which includes New York, London, Milan, & Paris.¬†Some of the many fashion weeks you may not have heard about but are definitely worth looking at are South Africa Fashion Week, Amazon … Continue reading The Big “Five” of Fashion Week?

How to Experience Contemporary Fashion

Recently, I was in an art museum and I picked up a book they had for sale in the shop called Ways of Looking: How to Experience Contemporary Art. It is a book by Ossian Ward about as self-explanatory as can be, it teaches people how to experience, and hopefully, understand contemporary art. I skimmed … Continue reading How to Experience Contemporary Fashion

Amanda Maria: Where Comfort and Class Meet

Amanda Maria creates minimalist designs with an edge. Amanda Maria uses classic, timeless colors and silhouettes paired with clean lines and edgy design details for a modern, comfortable, and chic look. The brand's goal is to ensure that style and comfort continuously go hand in hand. Her collections are designed using neutral colors like black, … Continue reading Amanda Maria: Where Comfort and Class Meet

Caycee Black: Fashion’s Greatest Masterpiece

What do fashion and art both have in common? A creative mind behind the masterpiece. It only takes one person to think outside the box in order to create something different and unique. Caycee is the creative mind that stands for both of these entities: fashion and art. Caycee Black combined both a love for … Continue reading Caycee Black: Fashion’s Greatest Masterpiece

Ricky Lindsay Couture – Where Fashion and Fantasy Become One

Tampa, Florida residing Ricky Lindsay is an expert at taking inspiration from moments as simple as the waves in the ocean,whistles in the wind and the leaves changing colors. His most intricate detailing is the butterfly queen. It was inspired by the endangered Monarch Butterfly. Ricky easily thinks outside of the box along with fashion … Continue reading Ricky Lindsay Couture – Where Fashion and Fantasy Become One

Humane Envy: Fashion with a Purpose

When it comes to giving back to the community, Humane Envy is first in line! The socially conscious clothing line donates a portion of its profits to various animal rescue organizations (Chicago Canine Rescue & Trio Animal Foundation) and cancer organizations (Imerman Angels). Humane Envy's goal is to promote awareness of these organizations through design. … Continue reading Humane Envy: Fashion with a Purpose

Kelly Bello Design- Industrial Jewelry at its Finest

Industrial Designer Turned Jewelry¬†Designer Kelly Bello takes industrialism and architecture to a whole new level; In fashion I must say. She took her passion for art, detailing and craftsmanship and turned it into chic minimalism. Since she was a little girl she made jewelry for her friends and now she makes jewelry for thousands of … Continue reading Kelly Bello Design- Industrial Jewelry at its Finest