2016 Trends That We Hoped Would Cross Over to 2017

With so many unforgettable trends from the previous year, we are happy to see that some have made to ccross overinto 2017. Please join us at AMCONYC as we share with you trends that we are excited to see carry on with us into the New Year.


Statement tees:

This is definitely the year that statement tees will be in full force. Have a statement that you want to share? Throw it on a shirt for the world to see, let fashion be your platform.





The chokers have trickled down throughout the era’s but it looks like they are making a comeback in a big way. Chokers easily bring that added flair to an outfit that we just can’t get enough of.




Statement Earrings

Making a statement with your jewelry has been a thing over the years but in 2016 it was all about the bold earrings. Like one of our emerging jewelry designers’ OBDEC is known for creating unique pieces that are undoubting eye catching.






Track pants

Bringing gym style to runway style? We’re here for it! Track pants are slowly becoming the new skinny jeans but only these are actually comfy enough to do a couple squats in. With celebs like Rhianna and Zendaya who have made gym chic an actual thing, guess we can finally say beauty doesn’t have to be pain.





All hail slides. If you were living under a rock for all of 2016 then you should already know everyone was in a frenzy trying to get their hands on a pair no way we can’t bring those into 2017.





Mo’ denim No problems. Matchy denim pieces totally brought back 90’s vibes, from runway shows to celebs the Canadian tuxedo is a look that we must save.





Velvet was literally on EV-ER-Y-THING from dresses, to top, to pants, to shoes… yea you name it velvet was on it. Can you blame designers?




Old school logos

We guess you can say you want that old thing back because old school logos from the 90’s and early 2000’s were the IT thing to wear. Vintage much?





2016 was the year that hip-hop and pop artists tour merch made mainstream sales. People that didn’t even attend the concert wanted that merchandise! We are pretty sure that the Kardashians wearing The Life Of Pablo World Tour merch helped to get everyone else on board with wanting to wear their fav artists tour logo.



Source: nss magazine




Bomber Jackets

A bomber jacket is just a classic and really made a comeback in 2016. Much like a jean or leather jacket, they go great with virtually anything. According to Highsobriety.com, the bomber was the biggest trend of 2016. Google reported that the bomber jacket was the most searched-for trend of the year, with a 612% increase in searches compared to 2015.



Source: Fashionista



We are excited to see the new trends that 2017 has in store as long as we get to keep the oldies but goodies! Have any favorite fashion trends from 2016 that we didn’t mention? Comment below and let us know.

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