Miami is Always a Good Idea

If the beaches, Ocean Drive, and Art Basel weren’t enough to get you down to Miami, Florida; we’ve got a brand new reason why you may want to reconsider that…

AMCONYC has expanded to Miami!

Like LeBron James in 2010, we’re headed to South Beach with plans for big things to come!


AMCONYC’s Founder & CEO, Adriana Marie, stated that Miami was the next natural progression when considering where to expand the company next. With our current connections in Los Angeles and affiliates in London, Florida just makes sense, and Miami especially being that it is the most fashion and art centered area in the state.

Marie also mentioned that growing up in Florida had an influence on her decision to expand there. Though the original plan was to make a name for herself in the Big Apple, the idea of expanding and bringing something remarkable back to Miami has never left her vision. Having made connections with many Miami-based brands and companies prior to the expansion has been a big decision maker since the market seemed to be calling her to let her know it’s time.

So, what exactly can we expect to see from AMCONYC’s takeover in Miami? Well, Marie opted to keep that secret well-guarded until the right time, but she revealed that there has been and will be plenty of research and development leading up to AMCONYC’s debut events, so in the meantime, be on the lookout!

And don’t fret New York, AMCONYC is expanding not withdrawing.  We’re still committed to our clients in New York and all of our NYFW brands.  Speaking of which… AMCONYC Fashion Week 2017 will be here before you know it!IMG_2260

Get your tickets here

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