Classic Looks That Will Never Fade and Every Woman MUST Own

Trends come and trends go, but a classic look will never fade. It’s safe to say we all own a thing or two that were the “trends of the season”, many seasons ago… but we all also own somethings that haven’t gone out of style since the day our parents were wearing things just like them!

Before you splurge on the next ‘it’ item, make sure you have these 6 classic looks in your closet that you can be sure will never steer you wrong.


The little black dress (duh!)




You can never (and we mean NEVER) go wrong with a little black dress. For starters black is flattering, it looks great with any color you pair it with, not to mention it makes you feel classy and sophisticated with the utmost effortlessness.

One of AMCONYC’s emerging designers Kate featured a little black dress with a flared out skater skirt bottom (above image) in her collection this past season.

The little black dress is a versatile and timeless fashion go-to especially when you don’t know what to wear. Whether you’re going out under the blue sky or you’re planning to paint the town red, the little black dress will be to the rescue!


The blazer

Keep it clean cut and classy with a sleek blazer. A blazer just radiates sophistication at its best but can be easily dressed down to bring the right amount of edge to your look!

It can be paired with your favorite pair of jeans and a tee or turned to full-on professional when you mean business. The blazer is definitely a wardrobe staple, any way you choose to wear it, it gives you that extra ‘umph’ to just about any outfit.



It’s crazy to imagine that blue jeans were never intended to be stylish when they were first created because nowadays, every girl needs that classic pair of denim jeans. Those perfect fitting jeans, though they may sometimes be nearly impossible to find, are just a necessity. They come in so many shades, styles, and fits that there we’re sure there’s a match made in heaven for everyone, when it comes to jeans.


Black sunglasses


Source: Pinterest

Aside from just keeping the sun’s rays out of your eyes, a dark pair of shades is probably the accessory that says “untouchable” more than any other. The darker the tint, the more mysterious you are, and the cooler you feel. Whether you’ve had a night out of partying or trying to keep the paparazzi flash from blinding you, a classic pair of sunnies is a MUST.


Hoop Earrings


Source: Pinterest

Not many accessories have the ability to seem like a simple everyday piece and a statement at the same time. The hoop earrings stand among few in that department. From the disco era to the hip-hop, hoops are still as relevant now as they were years ago!

They come in any size and color you prefer so there will always be that one pair that has that perfect uncanny ability to draw complimentary attention to your facial features (bye bye contorting).


Animal Print Ballet Flats


Source: Pinterest

Just slip on and go-go-go. Flats are the greatest thing for a person who’s on the go but also wants to keep it a bit more chic than the gym shoe and knows running around in heels is just not a good idea.. Despite a bold print, animal print flats are actually really versatile. They can be a fun way to jazz up solid colors giving a little more life to a simplified outfit.

Let’s face it; the trends will be there when we want them to be, but the classics will be there when we NEED them to be. So next time you go shopping keep in mind that it’s okay to stick to the basics once in awhile, all that matters is how you style it. As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.”

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