Why Emerging Designers Are All the Hype

Make way for the new designers because they are changing the game in the fashion world and we are


As many known designers, that we all know and love, have their own signature look, it’s fun to venture out and see what other artists are able to create.  Many tend to turn their heads at these young designers since they are not ‘in’, but just sit back and wait. You might want to start giving emerging designers a chance because we at AMCONYC feel that they are in fact ALL the hype.

WHY We Love Them

Emerging designers possess a fresh take that fashion connoisseurs, such as us, need in a world of Uggs and yoga pants. It’s all about stepping outside what’s comfortable and safe and branching off into uncharted areas where unexpected beauty lies.

The world of AMCONYC revolves around supporting emerging fashion designers; allowing new artists to share their outlooks and their different take on fashion and style.  It’s about being given that opportunity because we all have to start somewhere, right? Big name designers didn’t just start out headlining at the top runway shows around the globe. They started out as emerging designers looking to make their mark, and most times, struggling to get there.

That’s where the passion resides.  Between struggle and determination.  Here is where you find the will to keep going and the strength to persevere.  These new artists can create innovative ideas giving a fresh take on fashion that has never been seen.  Even revamping older designs and bringing a new style to the world of fashion is what these innovative designers do.

At AMCONYC, we look at fashion as a piece of art in a museum. Just because the artist is ‘unknown’ doesn’t make what they created any less beautiful.  Emerging designers give their audiences a pristine lens to peer inside their museum of fashion.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Emerging Designers

Designer Kate gives you sultry office looks that can easily be transformed to night wear on an evening out after work.


Designer website: http://www.atelierkate.com/

One of our most unique designers Kreyol creates designs that are bold, fun, and looks that will definitely get people talking.


Designer Website: http://iamkreyol.com/ 

OBDEC, one of our featured jewelry designers, is known for creating unique pieces that are stunning and true works of art. These creations are crafted with varies fine materials and looks that resemble fine hand-crafted charms.  


Designer Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYAUDeiIucI&feature=youtu.be

Designer Eva Michelle created looks that were sophisticated and elegant during her latest runway show; with floor length gowns, sheer dress tops, and unique elegant designs.


Designer Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/emichelledesign/about/?ref=page_internal


With so many different looks and styles that can be contributed to the fashion world, it would be a shame to limit ourselves to only the designers that are well known. So keep in touch with us to stay timed in for our next round of emerging talent.


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