Pieces to Help You Transition from Winter to Spring

If you live in a city where the weather in between seasons is so sporadic that you never know when to pack up the Winter clothes and let the Spring and Summer ones shine again; figuring out what to wear can be a daily struggle.

We’ve all been there, debating on bringing the jacket or opting out on days where the weather is in between. Through this transiting period, deciding on what to wear can be a little unsettling, but with the help of some amazing designers and a little styling creativity, we can all get through this transition phase Mother Nature is going through!

We, at AMCONYC, have put together 6 pieces that will make getting dressed as the seasons change from Winter to Spring a heck of a lot easier!


A Pop of Color


Terry Ann.jpg

Source: Terry Ann


If you don’t want to dive right into spring outfits, start off by adding a pop of color to your look. The grey skies are finally turning back to that blue you once knew and loved; complement that by layering a bold trench coat over your spring ensemble and it’ll be a  definite fun play on the two seasons.

It brings a bold fresh look to a budding spring attire, all while keeping you warm on those days where winter weather isn’t quite done with us.





A pair of aviator shades has to be one item that isn’t defined by the season. Whether you’re blocking sun rays, blinding white snow, or just want to look as cool as ice; a dark pair of sunnies brings an effortlessly chic look to any outfit. Sunglasses are so essential, we’d almost be crazy not to keep a pair in our bag everyday!


Fur Is (Not Quite) Out



Everyone knows that in the Winter is when the furs of all sorts come out, but that doesn’t mean that they have to go away when Spring makes an entrance.

To make fur work in your favour, you should mesh it with Spring attire. Take a note from emerging designer Rack Addik and pair a furry top with something contrasting like a patterned mini skirt.


A Classic, Black Leggings


Black leggings (Ambriel).jpg

Source: Ambriel


A pair of leggings is always safe go-to for any Season. Switch it up this Spring and try a pair of leather ones; sure to keep you looking and feeling as good as your day-to-day pairs, if not better.

These leggings can actually be worn as pants (as many of us love) and they can still be worn underneath your ideal clothing choice.


Florals, For Spring? Groundbreaking! (Seriously)


Demestiks 2.jpg

Source: Demestiks


If the Winter is taking a little too long to let Spring in, bring it in yourself with some bold floral prints!

Pair a vibrant midi-skirt with a loose-fitting top and watch how you shine as you walk past a sea of black parkas that just aren’t that necessary for today.


The White Shirt



Source: Ambriel


It’s not quite time to break out the white tank tops, but the classic white button up shirt will always be there for you, just look at Katharine Hepburn!

You could NEVER go wrong with a clean white shirt and a pair of blue denim jeans. It’s a staple for spring that always gives a fresh fashion forward look.

What are some winter pieces you’re rocking now that you hope to bring to spring? Let us know in the comments below.

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