Spring Trends to Look Out For

Say goodbye to frigid winter mornings of countless layers and say hello to springtime trends that we all know and love.

So what can be expected to hit the streets this 2017?

Put a little SPRING in your step and see the trends that we at AMCONYC feel are heading our way.


Light pastel colored hues peeked through this budding spring season.

Designer Emueleos captured its essence during her most recent runway show at AMCONYC. This designer’s line featured a beautiful blue pastel that stole the show against a stunning silk material.


Source: Alex Guevara

Many of her creations featured eye-catching jeweled pieces while others displayed vibrant patterned prints to give her designs a girly vibe with a little edge.


Source: Mark Johnson

Velvet All Over 

Velvet is BACK.


Source: Alex Guevara

From how it looks to how it feels we at AMCONYC are just glad that designer Rack Addik has created a head to toe velvet sweatsuit that practically everyone will be living in. A look that can be worn by both the fellas and the ladies, this is a look that doesn’t have any boundaries.

Mixing Prints

Mixing of prints is something that can either be a hit or a miss.

Glad to say designer Emueleos has captured the beauty of blending prints successfully. This designer created a multi-colored shawl look that draped over a pair of grapefruit pink pants with a white mesh army fatigue cut out design.


Source: Kenny Flash

As well as designer Rack Addik who paired a painted floral crop top with high waisted zebra print pants.

It’s all about being willing to take risks with patterns and fabrics.


Winter is one of our favorite fashion seasons so we are glad to see designers like Rack Addik who challenge bringing winter looks into Spring season. Who said fur is no longer in season?

The key to making fur work for the new season is by transitioning this winter staple with spring attire.

Pair your furry tops with a high waisted mini skirt and thigh high socks.

Have an oversized fur coat? Throw that over a sparkly dress for an over the top chic glam look.


Source: Tye Marchelle

If your look is already glammed up and you just have to add in that fur, pair your look with a furry arm piece that will set your look over the edge.


Source: Tye Marchelle


It just wouldn’t be spring without some florals right?


Source: Tye Martin

Though many would oppose to the idea of going to the obvious spring ‘look’ with florals, why knock a classic. Ivory Couture designed a sleek floral blazer and pant suit set which we can all agree gives ultimate springtime vibes.

What other spring trends do you expect to see this season that we didn’t mention? Comment below and let us know some of your favorite looks that you are looking forward to seeing this year.

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