Nail Colors To Compliment Your Look

With so many different shades of reds, blues, greens, and every other color under the sun, picking a nail polish color is almost literally a life changing decision. It’s safe to say that we’ve all had those moments where we stared idly at the endless array of shades to choose a single color.

Now if you are like us at AMCONYC every part of your outfit is crucial. So if you’re a fashionista, picking a polish that ALSO goes with your outfit becomes an added factor when making your decision.

Cut your decision-making time in half and let us break down the top tips that we use to make this decision a little easier.

Nail Tip: Get Basic

Stay safe and get nude (with color that is) by choosing tones that match you and your skin shade.  Sticking to classic neutral colors can never steer you wrong, they are bound to never clash with any of your outfit choices.


Source: Pinterest

Nail Tip: Color Block

What fun is in having just ONE color on your nails? If you’re in a literal ‘color block’ and you just can’t think of one color to pick. Just go ahead and pick them both and color block! You might be feeling blue or silver so why not just thrown both colors in the mix; have some nail art fun.


Source: Shilpa Ahuja

Nail Tip: Be Bold

Choosing bold colors like reds, yellows, blues and oranges look great against patterned clothing. It may be a little bold for some but if you’re looking to draw some attention to your outfit as well as your nails the wild color combo will definitely have people taking another look.


Source: Skin Care Beauty Mag

Nail Tip: Accessories Relationship

To make sure that your polish is in coordination with your fit, make sure the colors that you choose have a relationship with your accessories. If you are carrying a white bag, for example, make sure you pick colors that are bright and fun so they can stand out.

The same goes for the jewelry you choose to wear with an outfit. If you’re planning on wearing statement pieces, paint your nails the color of the stone centerpiece for a subtle ‘I’m too fly for you’ look; or you can even stick to the metal colors either silver or gold for the ultimate glam look.


Source: LoveThisPic

Getting your nails done is supposed to take away your stress and your worries. So don’t bring the stress to the nail shop! Before heading out to nail salon lay out your clothes or even try them on to really get a feel for a color you think will look best to complete your look.

Happy painting!

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