Top 5 Fashion Items to Never Leave the House Without

You’re heading out of the house, but only have time to grab your top 5 fashion on-the-go items, what do you choose?

Remember, pick wisely.

Got it?

If it wasn’t any of these 5 fashion items listed below, don’t worry we at AMCONYC are here to show you which items are a MUST when heading out and being fashion forward.

Must-Have #1: Power accessories

Having essential jewelry is… well, essential!

When it comes to tying together an outfit, what you accessorize with can make or break your look. Keep in mind that simplicity is key, which is why designer Kelly Bello creates beautiful delicate custom jewelry pieces. Made from the finest materials, her pieces allow you to personalize and create looks to fit individual needs.


Source: Twitter

Mini Letter Stud: Simple, but still oh so cool. Stud earrings can literally be worn everyday especially when you are looking to give your ears a break from heavy hoops. With a simple slip on and go, these beauties can be worn pretty much anywhere for any occasion.These adorable mini initial studs by Kelly Bello feature a single simple diamond on 14K white and yellow gold.



Mini Letter Necklace: Giving your neck a little shine with a delicate touch is so essential. This necklace by Kelly Bello with the cutest mini letter gives the sweetest touch to a layered necklace look. The letter is set slightly slanted with a single white diamond that gives you simplicity with a touch of elegance.


Must-Have #2: Hair Tie/Bobby Pins

Okay, we know this might ‘technically’ be two in one, but keeping your hair in place with a good hair tie or securing a couple flyaways with bobby pins are just crucial when out on the go.  Consider your life saved.

Must-Have #3: Foldable Flats

If you are one of those people that live, breathe, and run in heels then making sure that you have a pair of handy flats in your bag is crucial.  Eight Royale is a brand known for providing foldable flats that you can easily slip off into a bag when you’re ready to give the heels another try.

These cushioned ballet flats are perfect for any fashionista that wants to give her feet a break or just wants to look stylish wearing these adorable slip on flats.


Must-Have #4: Tinted Chap Stick

Lipstick is great and all but when you want to go for a more natural look, a tinted lip balm is the best. It gives you the subtle, tinted color that you’re looking for all while keeping those lips smooth and moisturized.

Must-Have #5: Sunglasses

Stop throwing shade unless you’re talking about a pair of chic sunglasses. An oversized pair of shades gives an instant movie star glam look to your style. Aside from just keeping the sun’s rays out of your eyes, a pair of sunglasses like these from zeroUV can never do you wrong. Whether you’ve had a night out of partying or trying to keep the paparazzi flash from blinding you, a classic pair of sunnies is a MUST while out and about.


Source: ZeroUV

Have any items you consider must haves? Let us know by commenting below so we can see what is it that you carry in that fashion bag.

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