Daniel Silverstain-Futuristic Fashions

Daniel Silverstain

“I design to inspire women to be bold, to be courageous, to stand out, and to create a story of their own.”

Such is the vision Daniel Silverstain set out to bring to life with his womenswear designs. Inspired by 20th-century art and architecture, innovation and industrialism, Silverstain challenges the conventional ideas of womenswear. He aims to bring a sense of power and boldness to women who, “spend more than a couple of minutes in the morning thinking about what they want to wear. I want my brand to be used as a tool for expression”


Growing up in Tel Aviv, Israel, the designer originally perused music until a trip to India ignited his love of fashion. Coming from a creative family (both parents with backgrounds in fashion design), Daniel always knew he needed to pursue a future in which he could channel his creativity. While he found his way in fashion design, he hasn’t lost his love of architecture, which he credits as an influencing force of the structure of his designs.  One of the elements garnering him a majority of the attention is the unique, high-fashion aesthetic of his designs, yet they remain both comfortable and easy to wear. On the subject, Daniel has reflected, “This is our main goal – to create unique designs that make women feel special and stand out in the crowd yet remain comfortable.”


And we think his lines have done just that! His fascination with retro-futurism has resulted in collections which reflect both evident influences of past art and fashion eras, mixed with the bold metallics and angles of futuristic edge. Mr. Silverstain says that, to find inspiration, he searches through the past, and then mixes it with an optimistic take on the future. The result? An entirely unique look, perfect for timeless women. When I asked why he focuses on maintaining a positive outlook on this futurism, he explained, “Everything is in our hands, and beautiful things are happening.”


Subtlety is Out: A How-to Style Guide for Daniel Silverstain

By Demetrius Few

With the whole population growing every second, the need to express the individual is becoming more and more important; enter Daniel Silverstain. Fast fashion and the internet is making it very easy for everyone to find a style and run with it, but there are still many designers out here who cater to the individual; which is why for this styling guide, we’ve matched Daniel Silverstain pieces with other pieces from brands that have always shown a strong sense of originality, innovation, and simply a perfect disregard to going with the “norm” in fashion.

EmbossedMotoJacket: Embossed Leather Biker Jacket by Daniel Silverstain

Shirt: Saint Laurent

Skirt: Moschino

Shoes: Comme Des Garçons


Jacket: Metallic Leather Denim Jacket by Daniel Silverstain

Shirt: Moschino

Skirt: Facetasm

Shoes: Dr. Martens
CigarettePantPants: Cigarette Pant by 
Daniel Silverstain

Top: Stella McCartney

Shoes: Stella McCartney


Shirt: Powder Print Fine Guage Neo Pull-Over by Daniel Silverstain

Shorts: Stella McCartney

Bag: Moschino

Shoes: Givenchy


Top: Poplin/Sprayed Foil Combo Blouse by Daniel Silverstain

Pants: Stella McCartney

Bag: Moschino

Shoes: Alexander McQueen



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