A Colorful Inspiration of Influence and the Fashion of Signs

This Saturday’s Women’s March was by far one of the most influential days in United States history. Millions of women, men, and even children hit the streets of most major (and minor) cities to march for equality and the rights of women, people of color, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ community amongst many other groups.

Inspired by the meaning of the march and the monumental turnout, we decided to reach out to our friends, families, and colleagues to gather some of the coolest and influential signs and outfits from around the Nation. After all, on top of being incredibly inspiring, a sign was the best fashion accessory this weekend!


  • Our friend and publicist Dara Avenius shared some of her photos from the march in Washington D.C.
How many celebs can you find above? *Hint it’s more than 2!
  • Our girl Kelly Ann sent use these pics from where she marched in NYC.


  • Our buddy and incredible artist Josh Koll sent us some of his images from New York!
Can you guys spot a politician in any of these pics? Comment below!
  • Photographer Jamie Maurer from Yaela Photography took these incredible shots in the concrete jungle.
  • Our fellow fashionista Dawn posted these shots (we love her t-shirt!)
We’re pretty sure you can guess where Dawn marched!


We asked more of our friends that marched in Washington D.C., other parts of the US and in different cities of New Jersey to send us pictures they took  and the response was incredible.

Thank you to our friends Stefanie Gomes (for taking the AWESOME picture in our header), Corinne, Marcy,  Sofia, Dana, Engy, and Robeyda Vargas for submitting some of these meaningful colorful signs and outfits.

Did you take pictures of fashionable signs or outfits? Contact Us to submit and we will update this post!

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