Callina- Sustainable Style


As demand for sustainable, eco-friendly, high-quality fashion increases, one brand is making a splash in the industry. Callina was born out of founder Michelle Sheppard’s love of design, passion for social initiatives, and desire for sustainable growth opportunities. The result? A line of timeless women’s knitwear which is just as responsible as it is fashionable.


The handmade pieces start out in the highlands of Peru. There, shepherds tend to their herds of alpaca, who’s coats are sheared to create the yarn. The baby alpaca fiber is known for being some of the most specialized, silky, and luxurious fibers in the world, enriched even more so by the hand making process of the artisans, one which has been passed down through generations. But Callina’s involvement with the community doesn’t just end with fair trade practices.


Due to the migrant nature of the shepherding families, their children must often give up receiving an education, as their travel prevents the ability to regularly attend. However, Callina has been long partnered with the Mirasol Project, an organization who in 2006 opened a boarding school in the remote parts of the Peruvian highlands, accessible to the children of shepherds throughout the week, invigorating the quality of education for the artisan community. Callina itself focuses The perfect balance between amazing quality and social responsibility makes Callina knits an irresistible purchase!


Michelle Sheppard graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, after which joining Design Within Reach, and starting her own bedding company, Sefte. It was here where she became an ambassador with international artisans, working with textile mills to create custom fabrics and yarns. She has since aimed to remain, “rooted in humane and ecological practices”, and has taken great lengths to insure that Callina is a brand which “does good in every place it touches”. From the shepherds who tend to the alpacas, to the artisans who sort the wool, to the Peruvian women who are supported by their jobs in creating the garments themselves, Michelle’s vision has truly grown to inspirational proportions.  We just can’t get enough of this stylish, cozy, thoughtful line, and are so excited to keep up with them as they grow.

Ines being hand knit copy (1).jpg


How-to Style: Going Green Edition

By Demetrius Few

Sustainable fashion is not the latest fad or trend. Eco-friendly fashion is the seed the will sprout into the future of fashion. With the world’s population growing so vastly and the clear impact humans have on Earth, becoming a more sustainable society is becoming increasingly important and prevalent.

Fashion has one of the biggest environmental impacts, so it makes sense that some leaders in the industry are pioneering the sustainable fashion movement. With the forward thinking behind the garments at Callina, we’ve decided to research more brands out there who are doing all they can to keep sustainability and fair trade in mind when making the things we wear and love.

All of the items in this how-to style piece are from companies who value sustainability just as much as they value style, and the combination might just be something you want to add to your wardrobe!


Shirt: Jazmine Lace Top by Callina

Bottoms: Tasha Trousers from People Tree

Shoes: Sseko Metallic Loafers from MadeFAIR

Bracelets: Ferdoz Bangles from Raven + Lily

Earrings: Neusa from A Peace Treaty

Bag: Lattuga Cross Body Bag by TINCT


Shirt: Carmen Knit Lace Top by Callina

Skirt: Tyler Jersey Skirt from People Tree

Shoes: Vegan Women’s Derby from Good Cloth

Glasses: Lind Sunglasses by Carla Colour

Rings: Soko Line Ring from Zady

Necklace: Tatum Necklace by Katie Diamond


Cardigan: Eila Pima Cotton Cardigan by Callina

Dress: Rhonda Dress from People Tree

Shoes: Peep Toe Wedges from Good Cloth

Necklace: Geode Pendant by Quazi Design

Earrings: Ama Mismatched Wisp Long Earrings from Raven + Lily

Bag: Canvas Mini Bucket Bag from Freedom of Animals


Shirt: Abigail Lace Knit Top by Callina

Skirt: Ripley Pencil Skirt from People Tree

Shoes: Austin Bone from Nisolo

Glasses: Lind Sunglasses by Carla Colour

Ring: Dani Gold Dipped Ring from Raven + Lily

Bracelets: Dani Gold Dipped Bangle from Raven + Lily


Shirt: Carmen Knit Lace Top by Callina

Skirt: Ripley Pencil Skirt from People Tree

Shoes: Iris Sandal from Eileen Fisher

Bracelet: Turquoise Cuff from People Tree

Ring: Bikku Silver from A Peace Treaty

Bag: Canvas Mini Bucket Bag from Freedom of Animals

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