AMCONYC Holiday Pop-Up Recap

December 15-18 AMCONYC hosted the highly anticipated holiday pop up alongside with Tech Style. All of these designers have an amazing story and they sell with a phenomenal purpose. There were special design backpacks with a story, Moroccan treats, and everyday leggings that help you burn 200+ calories in eight hours. Lets get started!


Carley Rose debuted her eye startling Asteria Bag. The Asteria Bag comes in black, white and unicorn. This bag was easily electrifying and made you gaze. It’s amazing for day and night but magical at night! She explained that this light up bag came about while designing the Asteria dress. She then learned about LED lights from 360 fashion. She said that the Asteria dress is supposed to be for a “Goddess that needs all of the attention.” She then stated that she felt like not everyone has an occasion to wear the dress to. She then came up with the Asteria Bag so you can wear it anytime. She said she was inspired by all of the technology that you can include with fashion so she wanted to “Jump on Board.”

If you are completely in love with this bag you can hop on online and grab one for $150, but you have to hurry up! It’s only for a limited time.


Image result for rossi & rei

The founder of Rossi & Rei is super inspiring because it is a story of her standing behind her culture and helping others. She is originally from Italy. She came to the United States twelve years ago and wanted to become an interpreter to help Italian designers sell their product in the global marketplace. She then got sucked into the technology industry for about 11 years. She then said that she is “ready to get back to her origins and originally do what I wanted to do.” So she is now working with five designers from Italy and she brought some of their best sellers to the United States at our Holiday Pop-Up Shop. She is happily helping people who are amazing at their craft but cannot conduct the business that they need to in order to help their business grow. If you want to shop some Italian affordable luxury check out the site.


Liz is the Founder of runway passport and she helps emerging businesses from all over the world. At the Pop-Up Shop, Runway Passport displayed jewelry, clothes, accessories and even fragrance from Haiti, Jamaica, Ukraine, California, and New york. She stated “It’s so much fun! I started it becauseĀ I was assisting magazines like vogue and glamour, and everywhere we were it was just always doing the major brands. My passion is meeting a girl who graduated from FIT a few years ago, walking into her basement and she’s working a day job and she’s up all night sewing, there’s just this passion when things are at that stage and then they’ve grown just past it and you meet that when that passion matches that quality. That’s exactly what I’m really passionate about.” Visit to get fashions from all around the world.


Image result for sweetflexx


SweetFlexx is probably the most innovative pair of leggings I’ve come across. They have resistance bands inside of the leggings and you can burn 200+ calories just by running your everyday errands over the span of 8 hours. They not only have leggings but their tops help improve your posture! This helps you burn calories all while looking fashion forward at the same time.


This brand is such a treasure. Literally! The packaging looks like a book in the outside and inside are 3 compartments. The largest compartment has a built-in screen to show you how to wear the men pieces. According to the founder, this brand was initially designed for the founders themselves just for fun. Then, they were getting loads of compliments and they figured why not turn it into a brand. He explained that Little West Twelfth came about because they were just hanging out somewhere by Little West 12th trying to come up with a brand name. He said, “We looked out the window and saw that street name, it is the junction of fashion and old world and new world.” This is exactly what his brand embodies. This brand stands up for the classic man with exquisite taste. To learn more about this brand go to you get to the site it will look like a site for meat ordering. You then have to punch in an exclusive code that you’re getting exclusively from AMCONYC. The code is Pork Tenderloin, Zip code 10014. Once you hit enter it will take you to the official site where you can shop online!


Tired of the Click-Clack sound from your shoes? No problem! Mary has got you covered! Mary is the founder of Ssh-oes. The heels that have no sound! She explained to me that she always got frustrated by the loud clicking of heels. When she moved to Brooklyn from the suburbs, she used to get scared while walking home at night because she thought that someone could follow her home. She then went on google trying to find quiet heels and she didn’t come across anything. She then said, “I figured if it bothered me so much, it probably bothers other women as well.” Also, the supplier of the shoes works with brands such as Vince Camuto, Mark Fisher, and BCBG so the quality is long lasting. If you’re interested in quiet heels visit


Hero Backpacks is a one of a kind and paves its own lane. These backpacks inspire kids to stand up for themselves, stand up for what they believe in, and inspire them to have courage. Alissa came up with this idea because while in college a professor said an inappropriate comment and she was sure that this comment offended her friend. She felt helpless and she didn’t like the feeling. She then took how she felt and projected it into her project. In every backpack, there is a card that talks about a certain hero. Some of these heroes include Fredrick Douglas and Harriet Tubman. Not only that but every backpack print/color has its own cause. When you buy a specific backpack you are helping the fight against a certain cause. This brand just warms your heart and pushes you to be a hero! To purchase a backpack visit


This brand is just way too cool for school! Literally! This line was inspired by surfing, traveling, and comfort. Naia explained that she wanted to combine all of the elements she loves into one brand. She wanted a line that that was versatile enough for going on the plane, exploring a city, then maybe going surfing all in the same day! If this fits your lifestyle you can check out


Amazing Jewelry



ArzeeNY is coming straight out of manhattan. They bring you New York City Lifestyle just by putting on a jacket or a hoodie. His clothing is inspired by Art and silhouettes. His brand shows strength, luxury, and casual streetwear.


Oriana stands behind a very individualized brand. Having a degree in International Business, she loves traveling and was inspired by different cultures. She then took her love for travel and infused it into this unique line of jewelry. She has numerous types of bracelets with a massive amount of color so you can easily personalize them to your mood, outfit, and season! She also has chokers in various colors. To check it out you can visit


Fashion met technology! Johanna Ferguson wanted to hop on the technology train and transform tech into fashion smoothly and she rocked it! She retailed for many brands in jewelry and she also worked for google for thirteen years. So this is no shock that she easily merged both fields. She explained that when the apple watch came out she loved the device itself but she wasn’t a fan of the band. She wanted something more original and versatile. She was right at home at AMCONYC Holiday Pop Up.


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