ELKEL: Bridging the Gap

ELKEL is not just another fashion brand. It’s for those who see fashion as a trendsetting lifestyle and use fashion as a way of self-expression. ELKEL views fashion as a timeless and distinctive entity.
ELKEL was created in 2015 by Kelvin Oliver Goncalves with the goal of “exploring creative rebellion through experiential expression”. The brand has become an international success through working with independent designers from all over the world and is the exclusive retailer in NYC for all of their designers. All designs are gender neutral, striving to bridge the gap between female and male idealism while establishing defiantly unique and innovative vibes.
ELKEL has been making unbelievable advancements in the fashion world. The company started out as an online and pop-up shop and soon became a brick and mortar success. Since September, ELKEL has been a part of co-retailing conceptual space called Public.Factory and they are currently starting to plan the launch of ELKEL’s own shop in Spring 2017.
They recently launched their very first in-house collection FINS designed in collaboration with Diego Montoya. Make sure to be on the lookout for their second collection as well, which will launch in September! Get excited!

How-to Style: Double Featured

By Demetrius Few

Many things are changing lately; Snapchat , almost anything can be 3D printed, and you can now become the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer, in real life. Moving right along with all of this innovation is fashion. Not only are many brands dropping specific seasons from their collections, but also specific genders.

When Kelvin Goncalves created ELKEL, one of the main driving factors was to make innovative style and gender-bending is one of the driving forces behind that.

Even though a lot of the clothing is styled on male models, each piece can easily fit into anyone’s wardrobe; and that’s where styling comes in. For this how-to style guide, I’ve created two looks to go with each piece from ELKEL. There’s only so much room on a blog post to feature all of the cutting edge fashion they have, so be sure to check out the site to see all they have to offer!

Left: Topshop SkirtDaisy Street Boots

Center:  Long-Sleeved Shirt with Ruches from ELKEL

Right: Florsheim ShoesNoose & Monkey Pants

Left: Topshop Dungaree, Vans Sneakers

Center: Body Shirt from ELKEL

Right: Zara TrousersAdidas Stan Smith

Left: Zara CulottesFarylrobin Slides

Center: Mesh Strip Tank from ELKEL

Right: CPO Shorts, Diadora Sneakers

Left: Zara Trousers, Nike Huarache

Center: Horus Sheer Top from ELKEL

Right: Zara Jeans, Grenson Boots

There are more blog features to come from your friends at AMCONYC! If you would like to be featured on our next blog, please email us at info@amconyc.com.

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