Caycee Black: Fashion’s Greatest Masterpiece

What do fashion and art both have in common? A creative mind behind the masterpiece. It only takes one person to think outside the box in order to create something different and unique. Caycee is the creative mind that stands for both of these entities: fashion and art. Caycee Black combined both a love for fashion and a love for art, creating a seamless collection.
 Each design originates from a watercolor painting or mixed media piece. New artwork is created each season that is geared specifically for the story Caycee Black creates. Through each design, we resemble a walking masterpiece. Caycee Black envisions art as a way of self-expression, much like fashion. Combining both arts create the purest form of creativity and innovation. Each design solidifies a deep sense of empowerment and sophistication when worn.
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.38.12 PM
 In our eyes, Caycee Black may be crowned queen of originality. If our opinion isn’t enough, you can ask the experts at Women’s Wear Daily, Lucky Magazine, and, as they gave her the honor of “best new designer”! Thank you, Caycee Black, for making the fashion world a better place!
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On Trend with Caycee Black

By Demetrius Few

Caycee Black has a lot on their hands with creating original art and turning it into original fashion. It’s amazing that they still manage to keep up with the trends in the midst of it all.

For this style guide, I’m going to discuss some of today’s biggest trends that Caycee Black has nailed! These are the looks that everyone will be asking where you got it from; because even though they’re in style, no other brand is doing it like Caycee Black!

Trend: All-Over Print

Left: Pyramid Crop Top & Sahar Long Skort Center: Gretel Suit Jacket & Wolf Button Front Trouser Right: Crescent Dress

Minimalism has its place in fashion, but so does flare! Prints have been popping up on runways for what seems like forever now and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. A graphic tee is cool and all but all over print is for those truly daring fashionistas who don’t always believe that “less is more”.

Trend: Monochromatic

 Left: Gretel Suit Jacket & Wolf Button Front Trouser Center: Tasnim Sleeveless Top & Mirage Asymmetrical Layered Skirt Right: Hansel Button Back Blouse & Cinder Trouser Skirt
 So I may have gotten carried away with this one, but I have good reason! In fashion, monochrome usually relates to all one color, but in photography, monochrome usually refers to photos in shades of grey. So for this trend, I pulled both types from Caycee Black’s shop! Keeping it simple in contrast from the maximalist trend of all-over print, monochromatic outfits are always going to be in style. So long as some color is always becoming “the new black”.

Trend: Sheer

Left: Desert Crop Top & Mirage Asymmetrical Skirt Center: Hansel Button Back Blouse & Juniper Skirt Right: Basma Kaftan

I wanted to make a joke about how “easy it is to see” that sheer clothing is a very hot trend lately, but we’ll just skip that.. On a serious note, sheer is everywhere now, especially in the Spring and Summer. If you’re not feeling ready enough for the full sheer blouse, get sheer in just the right places like a layered skirt or on the sleeves and him of a flowy dress!

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