This year we have seen numerous collaborations from top designers and brands, but there is only one person on top of our BEST FASHION COLLABORATOR list for 2016.

From having so many exclusive collaborations to choose from, the team at AMCONYC mulled it over and it was a unanimous decision that none other than the Barbadian beauty, Rihanna, is AMCONYC’s Best Fashion Collaborator of 2016. She teamed up with three large brand names this year, and by doing so has created unforgettable styles and designs that have captivated the fashion world.  No doubt about it, Rihanna’s fearless fashion choices and trendsetting attitude is what helped to land her this coveted spot.

Here is a look at those collaborations

Fenty X Puma


Source: Dailymail

Rihanna’s puma collaboration brought a laid-back high fashion street-style vibe to the runway with her line of track pants, sweat suits, over-sized sweatshirts, and zippered jumpsuits. Her collection was a complete reflection of her cool, yet chic, street-style that she is so known for. Along with her clothes, Rihanna found huge success in her shoe line with styles that everyone was dying to get their hands on. The sought-after fur-covered puma slides were literally the hottest sandal of the summer along with her creeper-style tennis shoes that, according to, were sold out in just 35 minutes!


The official press release said that Rihanna stated she wanted to challenge “traditional male and female silhouettes and blur the lines between genders.”  No more gender divides. Time for some gender equality!

Rihanna X Dior Eyewear

After Rihanna was given the honor of being the first ever black spokesperson for Dior back in 2015, she continued her ties with the brand and personally collaborated on a sunglasses line called Rihanna. These futuristic Star-Trek inspired glasses, offer a sleek symmetrical metallic frame style. According to in a statement provided by Dior, Rihanna named La Forge from “Star Trek” as her inspiration for the frames. “I’ve always been obsessed with his eye-wear, and when I got to Dior and saw all the materials I could play with, it all just came together,” the singer said.

Rihanna X Manalo Blanik 


Source: BellaNaija

Everyone knows a girl loves her shoes so when Rihanna took on this partnership, all of us girls were super excited to see her spin on such a high-fashion brand.  The collaboration “Denim Desserts by Rihanna and famous shoe designer Manalo Blanik, featured a sleek, sexy style using denim as their core fabrication. With only six limited edition designs, they successfully intertwined Rihanna’s signature street-style with Manolo’s classic look. According to there were only 45 pairs made of the thigh-high denim boots because they were so expensive to make. That didn’t stop JLo from rocking a pair in her Not Your Mama video.


Source: UsWeekly

These exclusive boots feature a beautiful crystal trim, a sparkly garter belt attachment and embroidery inspired by the singer’s hand tattoos. (Talk about a LOUD statement)

She is a trendsetter and her work in fashion has been nothing short of trendy, stylish, and fearless which is why we are glad to say the award for the Best Fashion Collaborator of 2016 goes to Rihanna. 

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