Emerging Designers vs. Established Brands

Emerging Designers vs. Established Brands | Consumers Decide

While doing my research, I sometimes come across amazing articles, which I think, are relevant to you.

A recent Tech Crunch article by Ryan Caldbeck spoke about the way consumerism is changing and how large consumer product companies are scared of altering their image and creating new products.

According to Tech Crunch, the issue seems to be that large-scale consumer companies are putting an ample amount of money into Marketing and Ads and a scarce amount into Research and Development (R&D). Meanwhile, tech companies who flourish with consumer sales put massive amounts into R&D and spend close to none on Marketing and Ads.

“Why not innovate,” you may ask. Caldbeck states that the reason for lack of innovation and creativity is the fact that large brands haven’t needed to innovate. They consider innovation risky, and claim that they do not have the personnel to change. Lack of progression is the result.

As an emerging designer, do you spend time and money on research or more so on marketing? Here at AMCONYC, fashion is all about innovation! It’s about researching, analyzing, and determining what people may want to wear in the future. Fashion is a story that your consumers want to tell, and the best way to do that is by asking them directly.  By being an emerging designer, you have a current advantage to help your consumers set the trend while helping you innovate your line and continue the fashion industry forward. To read more about Ryan Caldbeck’s article, please visit Tech Crunch.

If you need ideas for innovations, please email me, I’d love to introduce you to my talented team!

Adriana Marie
Founder, AMCONYC

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