Nathalia Jmag- A Woman Who Makes Her Own Rules

Every alluring and creative mind can relate to the extraordinary Nathalia Jmag. You may be asking yourself how you know that name.  That is because she is part of this season’g gripping cast of Project Runway. In her fashion vault, she has a collection from designed swim suits to cocktail dresses and has used tools such as black lights to electrify her work. She has been crushing her designs and marking her spot in the fashion scene, all while inspiring us. I got an amazing opportunity to take a peek into her mind and share the exclusive with my AMCONYC family.

Nathalia has been taking in inspiration since she was a child. She was born in Columbia and some members of her family were designers. She left Columbia at the age of seven to her hometown of Framingham,MA. There, she was heavily inspired to stay true to herself and pave her own lane. She explained that in her city, the “Fashionable” woman wore  J crew, dressed very clean cut, and everyone looked the same”, which she couldn’t relate to. She stated that what inspired her were those uninspiring acts of fashion. She wanted to design things for people who felt the same way as her, dared to set the trends and wasn’t afraid to be different. With this ambition, Nathalia learned to sew in high school and went to design school at Framingham State University. She graduated with a bachelor’s in design and retailing. Nathalia decided to be a designer while in college and that’s where the fireworks struck in the design world. She explained that she focused on “What people would want to wear in the future and not right now.”


Nathalia’s most challenging looks

                         pr15-ep6-nj-final                 swimsuit

Nathalia has always been a huge fan of Project Runway. She said  she use to binge watch all the time (like most of us). She explained that while watching the show she was intimidated by the challenges, but soon used that as fuel to excel in her craft.When she felt more confident, she then applied with a push from her good friend Cornelius (who also got chosen to be on the show) and the rest was history!!

I asked Nathalia what have she learned while being on Project Runway and she said, “There is so much to learn.” She stressed that even though she felt ready and prepared to go on the show, when she arrived she realized how much she has to learn. These components are what allowed her to grow as a designer. She said she absolutely feels like “Veteran.”                                      

  Nathalia’s favorite look


Nathalia is inspired by designers like Jeremy Scott,Alexander Wang, and Moschino because of their effortless desire to be unconventional. Her clothes allow you to feel comfortable with yourself by being unapologetic for your sense of style. She designs for the fearless, Inspire, and motivate everyone to be themselves just by creatively sewing fabrics.           

          Nathalia’s favorite challenge


So what’s next for this emerging icon? She wants to focus on more ready-to-wear clothing. She has a fashion show on January 1st in Boston debuting her latest collection, which includes a men’s wear.

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