Ricky Lindsay Couture – Where Fashion and Fantasy Become One

runwaycharlestonfashionweekgownbridalcouture10-1576266-thumbTampa, Florida residing Ricky Lindsay is an expert at taking inspiration from moments as simple as the waves in the ocean,whistles in the wind and the leaves changing colors. His most intricate detailing is the butterfly queen. It was inspired by the endangered Monarch Butterfly.

Ricky easily thinks outside of the box along with fashion leaders like Alexander McQueen, Krikor Jabotion and Ellie Sab.  Ricky gives these designers a standing ovation for their completion on making you realize the beauty in any and everything. He followed their footsteps by simply utilizing the sources that put his mind at peace the most!

Ricky Lindsay takes ‘detailing’ fearlessly and by the horns. He applies everyday, natural elements such as flowers to his advantage to make a piece. His collection ‘Earthlin’ is all about admiring beauty from the earth and appreciating the small things in nature.

Ricky Lindsay finds satisfaction in making every client feel empowered,like their dreams are coming true and the prettiest. I mean…. it would be extremely difficult to not feel beautiful when your dress brings in the presence of a calming beach or an alluring rain forest.

img0337-942938-thumbRicky Lindsay also broke barriers while making a huge statement with his modest gowns and hijabs collection.  He was inspired by a Muslim bride to do this line in addition to his appreciation for the culture. “There is a beauty in modesty,” He stated.The gowns were so bold while still being sophisticated. The sleek fabric of the dress gives you a shot of tasteful, with a large glass of elegance. Then, the gold accents are just the perfect pinch of chic.

He makes it look so easy!!



Splendid Accomplishments? We’ve got you covered.

Ricky expressed that his biggest accomplishment thus far has been getting into fashion week. It gave him superb validation that his remarkable vision of two compelling elements such as nature and fashion is more than original.

In addition, Ricky favorite past times are rock climbing, camping and just simply enjoying what God created,our planet earth.

It was such an honor speaking with Ricky. He is able to transform his values in life and what he admires the most into victorious pieces. We want to thank Ricky so much for reminding us that the small beauties in life can always convert into phenomenal creations.

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