Lavanya Coodly- Scientist Turned Designer

Lavanya Coodly grew up designing and creating her own clothing with her family. While she loved it, it seemed to be just a hobby, part of everyday life. And so, she decided to enter the science field as her career.  Lavanya was a Scientist for over 25 years.  She was just designing for her family and friends on the side. Fast forward 25 years and an entire career later, her self-labeled brand, Lavanya Coodly was born.


This brand is not just filled with stylish pieces, but true soul and passion. Each piece is directly inspired by her growing up in India, and the silhouettes and crafting techniques used there. However, she aims to integrate these concepts into a collection designed to “resonate with the urban woman who is bohemian at heart. It speaks to the curious minded woman who is open to new experiences and confidently expresses her personal style. She dresses to please herself.”


For Ms. Coodly, the feel of the piece to the wearer is just as important as the fashion appeal. While she aims to have the line be fashion-forward and chic, she wants it to be just as comfortable to wear. This all culminates into a line composed of flowing, global fashions, both versatile and genuinely enjoyable for all types of women to wear in and out of every day life.


We think this is the perfect philosophy! For the girl-on-the-go, there couldn’t be a better blend. Check out Lavanya Coodly to infuse your closet with this fashion-foward, comfortably chic look. We were lucky enough to have this beautiful line debut their newest collection at our AMCONYC fashion week, which you can see here !

To stay in the know about upcoming brands like this, keep checking in! Your friends at AMCONYC are here to keep you posted, and you don’t want to miss what we have coming up.

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