KUR-Channeling Global Serenity

In the heat of summer, lightweight lace is as classic as it is necessary for the fashionable woman. Enter KUR, a brand which blends cultural craft with modern fashion resulting in a timeless, yet contemporary look.


Kasuni Rathnasuriya, the woman behind KUR grew up on the south coast of Sri Lanka, a region where the locals have adapted Dutch and English styles, literature, and art. As a result, Ms. Rathnasuriya does her best to value the dying craft of hand-making lace from her home in all of her designs.


KUR is the perfect line for a women who values quality and authenticity, in addition to the great style of a piece. When we asked Kasuni who she thinks the KUR woman is, she told us she is, “Confident and contemporary, matured, and values arts and crafts. She knows the value of money”.


And with these breathtaking designs, we think every woman should want to be a KUR woman! The story behind each design means that KUR is more than just clothes, it truly is a culmination of global history and influence. Ms. Rathnasuriya says her ultimate hope for the brand is for it to be “a global icon of serenity”… and we think they are well on their way.

To keep up with KUR and the rest of the up-and-coming fashion design houses, keep visiting us at AMCONYC…you won’t want to miss what we have coming up!


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