Domenico Vacca and Irina Shabayeva- Nothing Less Than Extraordinary

Sunday, October 9th, 2016, the Domenico Vacca x Irina Shabayeva fashion show was the place to be. Church was skipped for the Italian experience.On the first floor of the store is where attendees purchased the fabulous merchandise, alongside, the cafe where freshly brewed coffee were served.There was also a table that held the perfect hand foods such as mini sandwiches, yummy macaroons, and fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on a stick.

dsc_0492 dsc_0529

The first floor was magical but the second floor was where the treasure was;The RUNWAY !! The venue was a mixture of elegance and vintage couture.Instead of standard iron chairs, there were long sofas and plush cushions. The sofas were also accompanied by marvelous paintings that were hung up on the wall. The venue gave you a sneak peak of what was in store but nothing could prepare you for the grand showcase. Every dress was more luxurious than the next coming down the runway, Met -Gala in your vicinity and drama happening in an instant.

dsc_0849 dsc_0667

img_6538More Coverage ?

I was so lucky to get the scoop on some extra news from the Italian dress architect,Domenico. But before you read further, STOP.  Go grab a glass of wine, kick up your feet.  Ok, now continue.

Me: What inspired you to do this specific collection? I see its striking and it’s so in your face. What was in your thoughts while doing this collection?

Domenico: Designs! and then also to see the tuxedos in a younger way.One of the models is wearing a tuxedo in a younger way, with nothing underneath. And the three pieces with no shoes like you were on the beach ready to get married.The dream that everybody has!

Me: What is the type of women you see wearing every piece?

Domenico: A woman who is very chic,that is very elegant,still very sexy.I think it’s about the quality of life and quality of people and transfer that into how somebody dresses for events, in this case; Or the best event of your life like your wedding. So really it’s about a woman who likes beautiful things and is very luxury but I think is still affordable. Especially if you look at the price of the gowns compared to- It’s a great craftsmanship, everything is done by hand and is opened up to more people in the next ten years!

Me: Yes! I completely Understand! And Speaking of the future, where do you see your line in the next couple of years?

Domenico: I think the line is going to grow! I think it’s great because also with bridal and women wear we do a lot of red carpet events-Hollywood. We did the Golden Globes, we did the Oscars. The idea is, it’s fun because you can actually design for many occasions during the year.It’s not only bridal, it’s formal wear, evening wear, and it’s not just women. Our men collection is also great because now for the first time, men can start having a little bit of fun in formal wear, as you will see today. It’s not just the solid black tuxedo anymore. We went from the black tuxedo to the navy blue tuxedo a few years ago and it was already “OMG!” Then, we went to the beautiful silver gray,silk tuxedo which is great and then the prints and everything. So, finally, men are slowly but surely to have as much fun as women when we go down to fashion.


Guess who else I caught up with? Irina Shabayeva

Irina Shabayeva was the winner of Project Runway, season 6. Here’s what she had to say:

Me: What was your biggest inspiration with these dresses?

Irina: Architecture! All of the shapes and silhouettes and detailing played a big part while designing.

Me: What is your favorite piece from this collection?

Irina: All of the pieces are really extravagant-the really big dresses!

Me: Do you plan on doing any more collaborations in the future with any other designers?

Irina: Yes! I plan on doing many many more collaborations in the next couple of years with different people from all around.


Men’s Collection

dsc_0751  dsc_0857

The store was every fashionista’s home. It had an aura of fabulousness. The models were in high fashion spirits. They lounged around in their exclusive dresses, striking timeless poses for numerous intrigued guests. Everyone was enjoying each others company while basking in the excellence of the show and the Domenico building. Strolling around became the activity of the hour.

dsc_0646-copy dsc_0694

We thank Dominico and Irina so much for having us share this special day among an intimate group on fashion industry pundits. We experienced true Italian luxury and fashion culture that was a one of a kind.

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