Kelly Bello Design- Industrial Jewelry at its Finest

Industrial Designer Turned Jewelry Designer

Kelly Bello takes industrialism and architecture to a whole new level; In fashion I must say. She took her passion for art, detailing and craftsmanship and turned it into chic minimalism. Since she was a little girl she made jewelry for her friends and now she makes jewelry for thousands of people. Her jewelry is always on trend with chokers, body chains and the perfect layering necklaces.  You can even get personal with her Mini double or triple letter necklaces,chokers and earrings. Kelly Jewelry is fresh, captures the spirit of the young, perfect for everyday and is the ultimate topper for hitting the town with your friends or a flirty date. She brings affordable, versatile fine jewelry to the table.

DoubleMiniLetterChoker_XO.jpg     MiniLetter_D_WhiteGold_Stud.jpg


Kelly went to school at Pratt Institute and majored in Industrial Design because of her love for architecture.  There she fell in love with Industrialism and applied it to her jewelry making. Kelly pieces are inspired by architecture, famous painter Georgia O’keeffe, sculptures, abstract art and modern trends with an elegant twist.  Her industrialist influence shines through her pieces like her Honey Comb Necklace and her Piercing Mini Stretch Triangle Earring.


HoneycombNecklace_REDEFINED_KBD.jpg    PiercingTriangle_RoseGold.jpg

Do you Fashionista insiders want to know a quick fact ? Her favorite piece is the dahlia choker. It was actually a special order from one out of her four sister-in-laws and she then started to love the piece herself.


How to be Minimalist-Perfect all year round  with        Kelly Bello Designs

Minimalism is a look that is highly appreciated in the summer and spring because of the scorching heat and the yearning to be as effortless and light as possible. But you can gracefully incorporate minimalism into your everyday style no matter what the temperature is with these unique outfit ideas.

Look 1: Simply Irenelayering 2

This look is perfect for the woman who always dresses up but feel like dressing down.  This is ideal if you have errands to run, going to class or even going shopping.  This is just a outfit that you can not go wrong with; Just like the layering necklace effortless vibe. This Blush shirt will compliment the light blue wash jeans. Then some sandals with strap detailing will make all the difference in this simplistic beauty.


Look 2: The Limit Pusherlimit pusher

This women is a one of a kind. She isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone, be bold and set the mood. She is  ready for fall but never ready to fall in line because she paves her own lane. The Victoria Secret Bralette will compliment the Body Chain from Kelly Bello Designs because it give the chain a great spotlight to peak through. The pairing of the Suede biker  jacket from Avenue32 is a match made in heaven with these Suede black booties from Steve Madden. To add some color, the olive green pants from Calvin Klein are perfect. The cargo-military style gives the outfit that army-chic look that is perfect for fall.

Look 3: Lady Diana

She is a Boss,she is elegant,and she is classy. She also got ready in under twenty minutes and you didn’t even know it. This look coordinates with Kelly Bello designs perfectly. It is easy, effortless and fashionable. You can throw over this Emerald Green Silk Tunic from Max Mara and plunge into these long thigh high brown boots from Aldo. Add some finishing touches with Kelly Bello Halo Necklace and Halo Gypsy Ring and you look like a million bucks in no time.



Look 4: Downtown Madison Not So Sporty

This look is definitely for all the cool cats. You can go to Art Galleries in Brooklyn, Shopping in Soho, dinner in Queens then party in the city. This is thee day-off outfit. The outfit for a long,fun,random day. The black artsy dress from Alexander McQueen screams “I’m serious but I don’t take myself too seriously.” In addition, you can skip your makeup routine  having these bomb Celine shades by your side. The Double Letter Mini Choker is the perfect dose of minimal jewel that speaks the loudest.  Chokers are dominating the scene and this specific choker can be personalized with your initials!! The Acne Studio Sneakers are the perfect walkers for a day full of adventure.

As you can see, Kelly Bello Designs are perfect for any occasion, at any time, for the every girl. You can style these up or down and hit anywhere in town. Her style is versatile, fun, young, and effortless. This is a just a small peak of ideas in a large window. So have fun with her jewelry and let it do all the talking.

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