Fashion Week with AMCONYC- Day 2

Fashion Week Featuring Lavanya Coodly, Humane Envy, & Marina

Lavanya Coodly brought Bohemian Chic to us. Her fabric choices were light, flowy, airy and easy. This is perfect for a dinner at the beach side, trips to the islands, or going to boat party in the summer. These pieces are a must-have staple for every girl because the look takes seconds to put together. The models captured effortless beauty by having their hair in a high bun and rocked a dark heavy lip to balance out the delicate fabrics.

When it comes to fashion with a purpose, Humane Envy paves its own lane. Not only did designer Jennifer Stecher, master the style of contrast but she also infused value and resolution into her line. She donates a portion of its profits to animals in need.In addition, these pieces are perfect  for a long work day turning into a long night with friends. This will easily be great for work and play in the spring and summer because of the vividly bright colors. The pieces also compliment your form, while not being too revealing so you can stay comfortable.


Marina Micanovic brought alluring cuts with asymmetrical accents to wow the eyes. Her pieces are ideal for uptown, downtown and everything in between.The Serbian designer modernized unique and rare silhouettes for the everyday women who has a taste for the exceptionally eccentric.

Did Someone Say “Back Stage Pass” ? – Check out some shots from behind the scenes !

There are more blog features to come from your friends at AMCONYC! If you would like to be featured on our next blog, please email Jalisia at



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