Storm Dorris- A Love Infused Line

Entering the world of STORM DORRIS is to dive into an inspirational, romantic, timeless love letter to fashion. This family-run label, led by Storm Dorris himself, has a long history with design. Taught by his beloved grandmother throughout his childhood, Mr. Dorris credits the very spirit of the line to his upbringing, saying that “My grandmother’s persona has definitely influenced us, her boldness and confidence are characteristics carried throughout all the clothing created. She created so many beautiful garments and costumes for us. Every time would unknowingly  be setting the groundwork for what would be to come.”


The company is a truly dynamic one, with Storm’s sister Kaitlyn acting as head stylist and assistant designer, along with his partner Jonathan handling the business end. The team has established themselves in numerous fields, with an innagural bridal collection dubbed “Southern Love Story” in honor of their late grandmother, followed by “Unattainable Love Story” which featured women’s, men’s, and childrenwear. This collection “told the story of a mermaid princess who falls in love with a human prince and defy all obstacles, living the Unattainable Love Story.”


Seeing the obvious romantic pattern in STORM DORRIS’s work, we asked the designer himself why the theme is so reoccuring in his work. According to Mr. Dorris, “For me Fashion is romantic and a fairytale, very fantasy in all aspects. I feel when designing a collection it becomes a true labor of love, ultimately a love letter to fashion. I believe in doing so the collections always evoke a strong sense of romanticism. With every collection I create a fairytale in my mind and from there the collection begins to come to life.”

With this amount of love and life infused into the brand, we find STORM DORRIS absolutely irresistible! And lucky for us, we may soon be able to live the STORM DORRIS kind of life. When we asked Mr. Dorris where he sees the line going next, he replied, “Truly growing and expanding our presence, and developing into and really growing into a full lifestyle label from clothing to perfume to accessories to home decor from women’s to men’s to children’s. A label built on heritage and the beauty of dreams and loving all things beautiful and special. With the ever-changing fashion industry, I believe it is important as a young label to develop a voice and signature that is unique and special. I myself believe that everyone can transform and feel the most beautiful in the STORM DORRIS label.”

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