Fashion Week with AMCONYC- Day 1

Fashion Week Featuring Onyii & Co,Rack Addik & Storm Dorris

Fashion week was food for the eyes and sparkle for the soul and over here at AMCONYC we would like to share that experience! The amount of talent was phenomenal  and they perfectly made their visions come to life. Onyii & Co gave the fashion show its blessings by being the opening show. Onyii & Co is the true definition of fashion meets ” All around the world.” She definitely captured numerous amounts of cultural fabrics and patterns then tied that into a modern-fashion-majesty. She had several looks such as two-pieces, rompers and dresses that exhumed diversity, wildness while also being classic.

Following up, Season 14 contestant of Project Runway, Kelly Dempsey showed her electric side with her line ‘Rack Addik.’The fun and free-spirited looks shined bright with hot pink,teal and gold sequin fabrics that were cheetah and leopard print. The looks captured the essence of  “girls rock the world.” She paired every look with a girly accessory such as a tiara or a bow that made each outfit even more girly and fun. These looks are perfect for the everyday day glamour girl who knows that she is girly, royalty, wild and fun.

Next up, A man who is taking the fashion world by “Storm.” Designer  Storm Dorris designs are described as ‘Ethereal Glamour.’ All of his looks were breathtaking and nothing less than a fairy-tail. When each model walked onto the runway it seemed like they were walking out of an castle.The show was more like an experience. His looks looks gave you senses of a fairy-tail princess, an evil but glam step-sister but also perfect for a girl going to prom. His looks are Couture and glitter wrapped into one story line.


Did Someone Say “Back Stage Pass” ? – Check out some shots from behind the scenes !

There are more blog features to come from your friends at AMCONYC! If you would like to be featured on our next blog, please email Jalisia at



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