Paloma Soledad – Bringing Sexy Back

In the fashion world, we mainly focus on what’s NEW and upcoming. What hasn’t been worn yet? What hasn’t been created yet? How about we set a new trend by looking at the OLD…the antique! Paloma Soledad knows exactly how to bring sexy back by bringing back vintage. Not only does she know how to bring back vintage but she knows how to give back to our environment. All of her pieces are recycled clothes from pieces that she already designed. She is really into utilizing the material that she has because of her deep care for the earth not only now but “after we are gone.”


Following up, Who remembers those infamous Corset belts?! I know I do! Corset belts are slimming, versatile, timeless and beautiful. As modern women, we embrace our curves #WERK. Paloma Soledad believes that every woman should feel beautiful in her own skin, curves and all. Each corset is designed with high-end rare fabrication materials, making each piece an original. Each corset is made with comfortable,breathable, flexible and everlasting spiral steel boning.

“There is a truth and tranquility I feel when holding antique objects, the stories it could tell. I collect antiques during my travels because it’s a great way to get to know an old town and its history.”

Corset belts are perfect for the city woman, who is adaptable and must keep her look comfortable and versatile, yet stylish. These corset belts can be worn during any occasion or season and with any outfit.  Below are some perfect looks to go with the belts that Paloma created herself. They project originality and you see that the belts can make a big difference in a simple outfit. Get your vintage on with Paloma Soledad and be on the lookout for their new collection!

Just to give you a quick break from vintage corset fever, I’ll let you in on some huge information. She has perfected her skill in corset making so much that she also makes costumes for movies! crazy talent right ?!? Paloma got the chance of a lifetime to work on the phenomenal American stop-motion animated 3D dark fantasy horror movie ‘Caroline’. There she designed clothes for Caroline and corsets for the character Miriam Forcible. She has no limits when it comes to her corset masterpieces. She is a queen at transforming her visions of dark,eerie, and mysterious into any platform and turns it into a lifestyle; As a true designer would.

Paloma not only designs impeccable corsets but she is also an innovator. She has hoodies that you can pair with any coat you like. She states “It is perfect for that favorite coat you have that does not have a hoodie.” The idea is so brilliant,so affordable and so personalized.

To get your hands on these pieces head to

Paloma brand is all about embracing your unique side,staying true to yourself and being fabulous while doing it.The fashion limits are off and endless versatility is on. This is all at an affordable cost and you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort. So, If you need help to embrace your unique side, Paloma Soledad has got you covered.

If you are in the New York area and would like to see pieces in person, she is having a Trunk Show
Oct 13th, Thursday from 6:00-9:00 located at Musee Lingerie 119 Christopher St, New York, NY 10015.

There are more blog features to come from your friends at AMCONYC! If you would like to be featured on our next blog, please email Jalisia at



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