AMCONYC Expands Again!

London-based fashion agency Felicities has announced a partnership with AMCONYC to offer more global opportunities to emerging labels.


After several years of serving the fashion industry, AMCONYC, a platform for emerging and independent designers to launch their collections during AMCONYC Fashion Week, has joined forces with London-based fashion agency, Felicities, to provide more opportunities for designers from a global perspective. Felicities is a specialist boutique agency providing full business, PR, sales, and marketing support to creative, fashion, music, arts and lifestyle brands in the UK, founded by Alison Lowe.

Lowe has built a reputation as one of the leading supporters of emerging fashion across the UK and has recently been named one of the Maserati 100 for 2016 for the continued support she provides to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Alison has continued to work with 300+ brands over the past 12 years and teaches on several business courses at London College of Fashion.

Lowe says, “the partnership between AMCONYC and Felicities will be a fantastic opportunity for both our companies to expand across new markets and offers the fashion labels we work with, a cohesive international approach to promoting their brands”.

“As a former designer myself, I know and understand the challenges of entering into this industry. This inspired me to create the AMCONYC platform aiding emerging designers to catapult their brands to the next level by providing them with event and show production, PR, sales, marketing and educational support”, adds Adriana Marie, Founder of AMCONYC. “Having recently expanded into LA with E2W Collective, partnering with Alison and her team in London will allow both companies to cater to a wider audience of designers offering new opportunities while catering to the future of fashion.”Tell your story. Use catchy text, bullets, links and more to bring your words to life.

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