Fashion: Feelomena’s First Language

Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design, so why not side with the experts? I know I would! Feelomena was born in 2014 thanks to the very gifted and passionate Italian designer, Filomena Saltarelli. Each collection is exclusively made in Italy, using only the finest textiles while focusing on quality, craftsmanship, and creativity. The combination of Italian style and elegance creates trendsetting vibes that every modern woman can dig.

Feelomena handcrafts each piece with the utmost care in order to fit customers’ personal measurements and style, creating a more personal online shopping environment. Blue, black and ivory tones reflect a sharp and clean look, yet remaining elegant and dazzling. The collections attract the sexy, self-confident and determined modern woman.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.23.30 PM

Filomena strongly believes that it is important to “do your job with love and passion every day and to never ever give up!” Her goal is to expand Feelomena, not only throughout Italy but also worldwide through online sales on various fashion sale platforms and into commercial agreements with popular fashion venues.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.22.37 PM

So, add a little Italian to your closet. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

All in the Details

By Demetrius Few

When attempting to put a complete look together, one has to understand that a whole outfit is only as good as the sum of its parts. The details are what build up the entire style and bring it all together. Feelomena definitely does not overlook details. When you see pieces from their collection, you notice details that are not usually seen on clothes today, this is what sets looks from Feelomena apart from the rest.

For this how-to style guide, the plan is to pay attention to the particulars of some of the looks from Feelomena’s 2015 collection and pair them with items that complement those details!

This is the Blue Micro Cape from Feelomena. Things to take note of from this look is the symmetrical design, the long draped fabric from the bottoms, and the exposed midriff and lower back.


With the exposed midsection of the body, this is the perfect opportunity to play with body jewelry or even experiment by turning a long Lanvin necklace around and have it drape just below the cape in the back. Lanvin Tassel Earrings are great to go with the draped fabric on the bottoms, but if you’d rather contrast the drape instead, try shoes that have the focus set in the front to create some balance.

The Blue Palazzo Catsuit is a simply marvelous design. Both minimal and extravagant at the same time, this look from Feelomena is a nearly head to toe look that leaves plenty of headspace and open arms for getting creative.


Fendi Cat-Eye Sunglasses mimic the tapered look of the torso of the catsuit and the sheer fabric draped on the back. Thinking of the pant legs of the catsuit as a sort of sheath covering the legs, you can mimic that with large bracelets like the Aurélie Bidermann Vera Long Cuff that complement the symmetry of the design. Another thing to notice is the contrast of horizontal and vertical lines in the top part of the design which can be imitated through the weaving of the Aurélie Bidermann Marella Cuff or the Ija Ladder Ring.

The obvious detail in this dress is the asymmetry caused by the sheer fabric draped over the shoulder. The more covert detail to pay attention to however is the timeless elegance of the Little Black Dress.

Black Dress


Nothing says elegance like a pearl, and we’ve found the perfect ones whether you’d like it to be hanging around your neck with the Sophie Bille Brahe Necklace, swinging on your ear with the Sacai Gold & Pearl Single Earring, or hanging or supporting your every step with the Nicholas Kirkwood Maeva Pearl Strap Sandal. Finish everything off with a pair of Fendi sunglasses that would make Audrey Hepburn proud!

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