Prince Street Brooklyn – Shades of Blue

Prince Street Brooklyn

Now, you might be wondering where this catchy name came from. The founder, Sheneen Zee, was raised on Prince Street in Brooklyn, New York. It was there, by her grandmother, that her love of fashion first emerged. So why not pay homage to where it all began?

Prince Street in Brooklyn is a Brooklyn-based fashion company for hip teens and young women. What makes this brand unique is that it presents a classic silhouette, while providing an effortless, timeless, and sophisticated denim-look. Young girls identify with denim and by adding timeless and sophisticated touches of bows, florals, and tailoring, it offers them a heightened aesthetic. The collection offers seven coordinated pieces, including blouses in various materials with stand-out embellishments like poet sleeves and statement bows. It also includes a pencil pant, blazer, vest dress, flirty skirt, and a hooded dress, all in denim as well as an array of different prints.

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How did this marvelous idea come about? Great question!

When having to style her daughter, Troi Zee, it was challenging to find age­ appropriate, hip, chic and reasonably priced clothing. She then realized it would be a perfect opportunity to create her brand in order to solve this issue that most mothers can relate to. Shoutout to all those moms out there!










There is no doubt in our mind that Sheneen Zee is a successful designer in the fashion world so we asked her to share some expert advice that would be beneficial to other aspiring fashion designers. Here’s what she had to say:

“There are many aspects of being a fashion designer with your own brand/line. There is the creative side and there is the business side, which can be the most challenging. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Surround yourself with a knowledgeable and truly supportive team. Trust yourself, your vision, and the divine process.”- Sheneen Zee

How-to-Style: Prince Street Brooklyn

by: Demetrius Few

In the ever-changing world of fashion, there is one thing that will remain the same; denim will never go out of style. Prince Street Brooklyn has definitely tapped into the unlimited resource that is denim. Whether you want to know which shoes and accessories go great with denim looks or where to rock your newest attire from Prince Street Brooklyn; this style guide will help you bring it all together.

First is the Troi Dress:

Usually, denim in a dark wash has more a stern feel to it, but the pattern on this dress
mixed with the flare at the bottom really make this the perfectly fun dress for wearing out on any sunny day and grabbing all the attention! Pair this with some of your favorite gold accessories like this ring from Michelle Campbell or a birthstone bangle from Alex and Ani to personalize it and then finish it off with the perfect red pumps from Coach to be the star in any park you walk through, picnic you stop by, or sidewalk you stroll down!


Next is the exuberant Blake Skirt:

Featuring not only exciting plaid patchwork but also an elastic back waistband and side pockets (yes, a skirt with pockets!). This A-line skirt is just as functional as it is fashionable! This vibrant piece from Prince Street can be combined with a number of things including a white button down also from Prince Street, a TopShop cropped tee that’s just as fun, or if you’re feeling particularly trendy more Prince Street denim! Accessorize with jewelry that compliments the pattern of the patchwork and a pair of Converse and you’re all set!


Lastly, we have the eclectic Scottie Blouse:ScottieBlouse

The Prince Street website
describes the bow on the front as “obnoxious” but we think the word they were looking for is “opportune”. This dynamic denim is perfect to wear if you want to keep accessories to a minimum, you’ll be fine with just some earrings like these Charlotte Lebeck studs. Balance this look out with a skirt in a neutral color and minimal details like this leather pencil skirt from Topshop. For shoes, go with a pair of Dolce Vita sandals that accentuate the entire look and the title “fashionista” will be yours to take!



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