Meet Our Designers

Each person has gone through experiences during his or her lifetime that helped shape their lives. Your past and background have led you to where you are today. This is also true when it comes to designers. There is a lot more to each designer than just being able to buy his or her designs.

Each designer has a story and a background that shaped his or her career. At AMCONYC, we do plenty of research on all of our designers and we truly get to know them, which creates a lasting and more personal bond between us. We figured, why not share their stories and background with the public so that you too can experience the same appreciation and admiration for our designers.

Designers –

Adolfo Sanchez –                                                            

Adolfo’s love for fashion developed in southern California, where he was born and raised. He jumpstarted his career by working for Versace AND Gucci. (Amazing, right? Definitely every fashion lover’s dream.) He felt inspired and in 2006, he decided to invent his own label.

In Fall 2011, Adolfo introduced his collection to various upscale boutiques. His brand offers women’s evening wear and fur-trimmed outerwear as well as footwear.

Today, he is widely known and even celebrities love wearing his designs! JoJo attended APL.De.Ap’s birthday extravaganza and the Charity Dreams launch in Adolfo’s FW 2011 Prin-Osa charcoal wool sleeveless princess cut dress with silver fox fur. In 2011, Meagan Good was featured in the magazine, Heart & Soul, wearing Adolfo’s mesh top.

 – Callina – 

The founder and designer of Callina, Michelle, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. After graduation, Michelle brought her skills to Design Within Reach (DWR) and created her own luxury bedding company called Sefte. She designed seasonal bedding collections where she brought in textiles internationally. Eventually, Michelle became the ambassador to the textile mills and regional artisans. She drove all operations from the starting point of initial designs to the end game of launching the company’s products.

Today, she creates timeless, artisan-made knitwear that combines modern design with vintage technique. Michelle values an eco-friendly environment and ensures that her  business mimics the same value. She uses alpaca to make her materials, which is one of the most luxurious fibers in the world, to ensure high-quality environmental sustainability.

Narces – 

Inspired by the elegance of the mid-20th century, the Toronto-based womenswear line, Narces, is designed by Nikki Wirthensohn. With her brand, she combines her extensive business education with her passion for fashion, which she developed quite early on. Narces offers various special occasion attire such as evening wear, prom, and bridal dresses. The line is especially popular in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Nikki has a unique background considering the different places she has lived. She was born in Austria and raised in Iran and the UK. Eventually, she moved to Canada, where she currently lives. Given her distinct background, it helped nourish her love for design, art, and fashion. Ready for a fun fact? She grew up with a mother who worked with well-known British tailor to the Royal Family, Victor Edelstein. He              created some of Princess Diana’s most famous gowns. #feelingroyal

Wondering where you’ve seen the collection before? Narces has been presented during the World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto. Narces is an international hit as well given its presence in various showrooms and fashion events in Paris, New York, London, and Toronto. The line is sold internationally through boutiques and online shops.

This is just a taste of what’s in store from your friends at AMCONYC! If you would like to be featured on our next blog, please email us at





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