Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia Werk it Girl!!!

This year was our first year on the ground at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and as AMCONYC Australian Events Assistant, hi, I’m Katie, I immersed myself, getting up close and personal with all the inner workings of this prestigious event. From Bella Hadid making her debut in Australia walking for Mischa Collection, Manning Cartel setting a sparkling (literally) stage of silver glistening under the early morning sun with the Sydney Harbor Bridge as there back drop, getting up close and personal and hands on dressing models back of house for Oscar De La Renta, to comparing notes with the hardworking back of house producers, make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists. I did it all.

The week began on Sunday the 15th , early morning for myself off to Carriageworks in Eveleigh. Carriageworks sets the scene for #MBFWA with its industrial open spaces, train tracks and enormous metal pillars running through the venue. Turning you can step into the stylish Star Lounge for a late afternoon or evening cocktail or dine at the Wedgwood Tea Room enjoying an elegant high tea. Sunday afternoon kicked off in high style with Maticevski presented by Mercedes Benz in an offsite location The Cutaway at Barangaroo Point. Set via aside still but glistening water the reflective runway was a show stopper.  Models walked the enormous square set runway, standing on platforms with the lights shining bright.

Mischa squad

The 16 th was and illustrious day filled with many amazing talents such as Mischa Collection, AJE, Zhivago and Dion Lee all filling a swift few hours of the sunny Monday afternoon at Carriageworks. Bella and her squad dominated the catwalk, the finale music ~ ‘Formation’ pumped through ‘The Runway’. Watching the stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers prepare Bella in a private room was an event on its own. Everything on point. Assisting a 17-year-old volunteer tighten her shoe and Bella looking down “work it girl” and watching that young girls face light up is a highlight of my week. For its not all about the stars and lights at an event like this its often about the hardworking BOH crew. Zhivago was up next for me, the performance that claimed the beginning of the show set the scene for what was to come. A musical number channeling Meryl Streep playing Madeline Ashton, dancers moved onto the runway and the venue was taken over. Following the models walked tall and strong in the colors of shiny golds, silver, black and blue.

Wednesday quickly came around and the excitement was all about the Discount Universe runway that was due to take place in ‘The Theatre’. From the buzz that Miley Cyrus might be making an appearance and the dealings with the media that came with this to the collection being so private that backstage access was extremely limited even for staff to the person being removed for yelling out ACDC lyrics and this was all before the show began, which didn’t disappoint. The clothes are sparkling with sequins, gems and spikes, completely speaking for themselves. The models hair pieces wrapped around their legs, hanging from their teeth or dragging long down the runway behind them, make up dramatically dripping from the models mouth and chin. Observing a 12 yr. old girl standing next to me jump up and down when the models walked filled with excitement to see her favorite brand. This all set the scene for a successful well deserved show.

Han Studios

By around 12:00pm Thursday the 18 th I was on coffee #I can’t remember how many but its keeping me at functioning level…. was I tired, YES!!! But these for some people are once in a lifetime experiences and opportunities so I was soaking every little second in. Thursday was the HAN STUDIOS show and I worked hard for this show. But watching this hard work pay off was an amazing feeling. Filling those seats, watching the venue ~Bay 25~ take shape from the night before, talking to the designer watching his ideas come to life in this massive warehouse style empty room was a great highlight to the week. Season 1 for HAN STUDIOS was a massive success. The attendees sitting along the insides of ‘H’ style temporarily built corridor, the models walking down the center of the attendees showcasing each design over and over again walking the entire show 5 times over as a complete finale.

Oscar 3.

By this time how could I stop, the buzz before every runway was surrounding the venue the calm before the storm in the back of house was thrilling. Watching hardworking stylists and producers run to get that model in cue or quickly hustling to get that sneaky little stiletto buckle to sit right!! Who would have thought a stiletto buckle could cause so much trouble?!?! It was also Oscar De La Renta day and the atmosphere was electric. Later in the afternoon the fashion house’s garments arrived on site and security was a must, closely guarding each and every piece. Two sweet little girls began moving around the back of house safely being watched over by another young volunteer, these two girls would make a grand entrance into the fashion world dressed in divine elegance as the flower girls to accompany the Oscar De La Renta gown that was making its way down the runway, the model practically floating in the special piece. This show varied quite dramatically but every piece flowed with confidence and sublime beauty. Back stage was eerily calm as these seasoned veterans of the fashion world styled their models with complete calm.


#MBFWA was drawing to a close with one day and one event Mercedes Benz Weekend Edition to take place. A massive afternoon of 7 shows in just a few short hours. 150 looks and 6 changes take place for each of the 7 shows. A compellation of each designer and their pieces’ form Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

It’s been an absolute blast Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, what an honor it was to spend the week in your company. Until next time #MBFWA……….

-Katie Rhodes


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