It’s Okay To Take a Break

After fashion week, the world seems to take on a strange pace that doesn’t quite make sense.  It’s busy and slow at the same time because the rest of the US market is in Europe bouncing from Paris to London and Milan.  For us native and stay-put New Yorkers, the post show fashion week week(s) is sometimes just as hectic as the weeks leading up to the shows.  This is great from a PR standpoint since the designers are expecting press and media engagement.  And that is exactly what they get!  But what about the women behind the screens?  Does anyone ever stop to think about the hours, days, weeks, months that one person has dedicated to making one week so unforgettable?

This past season, our Founder and Director of Designer Relations, Adriana Marie, secured Dunkin’ Donuts as the Title sponsor where they not only launched their espresso line, but introduced their following and executive teams to the fashion world.  This was a project that was 6 months in the making.  Let’s not forget the several partners, other sponsors, 7 designers who confirmed, the several who didn’t, the teams, volunteers, back of the house and front of the house staff that required coordination and the venue that needed to be scouted, secured and dressed.  There are a lot of moving parts that most don’t ever think about.

If you’re in head deep in the fashion industry you don’t typically take a break.  We are here to tell you, It’s Okay To Take a Break!

That being said, once fashion week had commenced in February 2016, we pushed Adriana out the door to enjoy a long weekend (even though it was one month after fashion week) at a boutique hotel in Hollywood, Florida called Casa Pellegrino Boutique Hotel.  The only 5 star rated hotel in the area.  Here is what she had to say:


It was like you were walking into a quiet oasis of relaxation on the coast of Italy.  The Pellegrino family greeted us with warm smiles and hospitality was their  number  one concern.  It was a breath of fresh air rather than staying at a corporate hotel with hundreds of rooms and not really knowing if your sheets got changed.  I’m sure you all saw that article about what’s actually in your  bed sheets, right?  Gross!

The rooms are all named after different parts of Italy, Greece and Spain with their corresponding flag on each door – which is a nice touch especially for an American like me.  We stayed in Sardegna, Italy and the inside is more like a luxury apartment than a hotel room.  The bathroom is well lit, fully equipped and the shower felt like you were under a waterfall in the Caribbean.



The biggest amenity for me was to be able to walk to the beach or go for a run in the morning and feel safe.  I didn’t want to rent a car and have to drive anywhere to eat or see something new.  The location was perfectly situated about 300 yards from the sand, restaurants, bike rentals and loads of people watching.


It was a perfect oasis of relaxation where all our needs were met and exceeded with a welcoming smile and a desire to make our stay the best it could be.


A special thank you to the Pellegrino family and the staff at Casa Pellegrino Boutique Hotel.  I am looking forward to many more stays and plan on recommending this property to everyone who asks.  It was the perfect romantic getaway from mass everything.  A five star establishment that was a very nice surprise and exceptional.


Adriana & Eric

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