Latin Grammy Acoustic Session with Victor Manuelle

Last night was an epic moment in the Latin community with Victor Manuelle performing at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College for the Latin Grammy Acoustic Session.  The weather was perfect with just enough fall breeze in the air to calm the nerves.  The city  bustle surrounding the venue was buzzing with energy in anticipation for this Puerto Rican heartthrob to make his entrance.

Just before the red carpet lights turned on, everyone was directed to the reception area which was sponsored by Marinela® and McDonald’s® who were promoting their All Day Breakfast Campaign which included a red carpet, two promotional models and super fun props to play around with.   It was a hit with people flocking to take pics with these lovely ladies.  Although McNuggets and Big Mac’s weren’t served, Neuman’s Kitchen served up an amazing selection of healthful foods, wine, beer and water that even a fashionista could munch on.  Hooray!  Now it’s a party!

Once the lights dimmed and the room started to clear, we moved over to the main stage for the red carpet arrivals.  Among the pack was voice of Dora the Explorer Fatima Ptacek, who sat right behind us, Actor Edwin Lee and singer Tina Sanchez who arrived with Swedish Ford Model, Dave Lilja!  And we can’t forget the man of the hour himself, Victor Manuelle who posed graciously for the paparazzi.

Inside the venue was a an intimate concert for true salsa lovers and Victor didn’t disappoint.  His initial debut was uncovered with his hit song Agua Bendita as the crowd shouted and cheered and sang along .  The ladies went into a frenzy when he did his signature dance moves and the live band of 13 people were on point playing all the tunes we have all grown to love over the years.  What a treat!

It was a special night to remember.  Thank you for the invitation Latin Grammy’s!

Fashionably Yours,

Adriana Marie



2 thoughts on “LATIN GRAMMY’S

  1. Melissa Santell says:


    Thank you so much for the mention regarding our catering!

    Can you please correct “Newman’s Kitchen” to Neuman’s Kitchen?

    Thank you so much for the edit.

    Best Regards,
    Melissa Santell
    Director of Marketing
    Neuman’s Kitchen

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