Adriana Marie Conquers NYFW 2014, Again.

For the third year in a row, designer Adriana Marie took on New York Fashion Week.

The location was set.  The furniture was being delivered.  The vendors were on their way and the coffee and champagne were being brewed and poured when Adriana’s new venture in collaboration with apparel brand Impeccable Attire from Brooklyn, New York, IAAMCO pop up shop, was canceled at the very last minute.  Not a day before the event, not even a half day before the event I  received an email that the space we had secured was no longer available.  We had 8 hours to make it work for 8 vendors!  “I immediately I got on the internet and got my phone, started making calls, text and emails and reached out to all my resources from midnight until 6 am” Adriana recalls.  “I slept for an hour and he worked then we switched.  “By 9 am,  and we started walking around the parts of the city where we wanted to host the event.  We went to a few places and then I got a call from a good friend who said, call my guy at EVR.  We went to take a look at it and fell in love with the space immediately.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise for many reasons.” You might remember Adriana Marie Co participating in several pop up stores throughout the years.  The first one in West Palm Beach, Florida and moved to Miami, Los Angeles and now New York.  Held at EVR in the heart of the fashion district, we had three levels and three days to show for New York Fashion Week.  Fully equipped with three different NYC DJ’s for all three days, two bars, complimentary champagne for customers, hand selected rising fashion brands including jewelry, hats, accessories, men’s and women’s clothing, we were ready for success.  Here is a peek into the designers and some fun we had:

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