Adriana Marie Co. Loves to Sponsor

Adriana Marie Co. Unites with new magazine Spirit & Flesh to help raise funds to RAINN.


Well, here we are at the beginning of New York Fashion Week September 2013!  We made it!It’s been such a wonderful year and it only continues to get better.  When one of my friends, who also happens to be a celebrity stylist Karin Elgai, asked me if I wanted to sponsor an upcoming red carpet fundraiser in collaboration with RAINN and Spirit and Flesh Magazine, I jumped on the opportunity!  We are proud to announce that we donated a $100 gift certificate for the silent auction!  One happy customer is about to get some awesome new AMco clothing!

We boarded the Hornblower Infinity Yacht at 7 pm for Press and photo opps.. Hornblower Yacht


Red Carpet Entrance

After making my way into the yacht I went to see where the silent auction was.  I found this on the table!gift certificate

We got to hear an awesome performance by Columbia recording artists called Chairlift


After the great food and free drinks we went to the top deck (VIP) where the fun began!  All images below were taken by Kareem Rose and if you need a professional makeup artist her name is Rachel Lori Wood and she is fantastic!

Celeb MUA Rachel Wood & Adriana

Photo check

Lady Liberty


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