Adriana Marie Jet Setting!

Adriana Marie Jet Setting!

Buy a ticket and just go!  Travel the world! Take a chance!

After Sweden, I decided to take an impulsive trip to Spain!  Ibiza at that!  Most people go to Ibiza for the clubs, parties and girls/boys.  I went to relax and check out the sites.  Of course it’s not a trip without incorporating some business!  More to come on that!!  But for now, check out the AMazing pics I took!

Took an early morning walk up to the Castle in Ibiza Town.  It was breathtaking!

Castle1 Castle2 Castle3 Castle4 Castle5 Castle6 Castle7 Castle8

Pit stop on the way down.  Stopped for a coffee and a bathroom break..Castle9 Castle10 Castle11 Castle12 Castle13 Castle14 castle15 IMG_0441

Las Salinas Beach was great fun.  We stayed away from the party but could still hear the music & see all the naked people! haha! Freedom at it’s finest!Salinas Salinas2 Salinas3 Salinas4

San Anotni Beach is where everyone goes to watch the sunset on Sunset Strip.San Antoni San Antoni1 San Antoni2

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