Adriana Marie Co. in Los Angeles Fashion Week

After our success with New York Fashion Week 2013 the host of Untapped Fashion and Music asked Adriana Marie to come out to Los Angeles, California and showcase her line.  The event was held at SUR Lounge co-owned by Lisa & Ken Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is also the home to the new BRAVO television series “Vanderpump Rules”.  The concept/event debuted in 2007 after it was recognized by Betsey Johnson & recently took place in New York City during Fashion Week. The event was successfully executed with over 1,200 guests combined.

166733_3037378310307_617017791_n 226467_531960536855497_999811046_n 417674_10151456618143836_1046782620_n 481866_3037379030325_823932793_n 549406_10151456617433836_1973412870_n 576220_10151456617673836_2008839261_n 577816_10151456740418836_1161063873_n 577924_3037441031875_880046334_n 578342_10151456614518836_998072878_n 644425_3037441351883_1452545014_n girls

Check out the video: More images coming soon!

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