Networking is KEY!

All the way from Paris, France!

If I told you we met on twitter, you wouldn’t believe me.  But… it’s TRUE!  All the way from Paris, France (a city I have dreamt about living in since I was a kid!) I have created a relationship with the wonderful Charlotte  who is the Digital Content Producer at based in Paris and she is a serious fashion critic among her peers.  While she trots from Paris, Berlin, London, Milan and New York for all the BIG fashion weeks, she has been so gracious  to take some time out of her hectic schedule to feature Adriana Marie Co. on her website! A true fan indeed!

Thank you Charlotte!  I am truly honored!


As you know StyleCartel loves fashion more when it has a purpose. The designer behind  Adriana Marie  Co. hit the nail on the head, when she sent us her press release about the line of Tee’s. The StyleCartel tribe are true T-shirt freaks and we love to support fashion with a purpose.

Adriana Marie Co garments are manufactured 100% in… (continue reading)

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