AMco says Thank You!

Fashion’s Night Out is a BIG deal not only for New York, Cali and Europe.  But a big deal for Adriana Marie Co.  Behind every empire is a great team of people.  There are so many people to thank so let’s begin.  This is somewhat both on a professional and personal level.

Thank you (in no particular order):

-Mr. Andre West, Director of the Fashion Department at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. You have believed in me since day one.  I remember the first conversation we ever had.  You have given me many stepping stones to get me to where I am today and you have a sacred place in my heart.  From student to friend, you are one of a kind.  Thank you for being an ear of reason in business and personal issues.  I am indebted to you forever.

-Printing the hottest tee’s, thank you Mixture Prints and their team for all the help the past year.  You guys and gals ROCK! Coming into this game from scratch and learning, to where we are at now is truly insurmountable!  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to perfection.

-Creating sick graphic designs, CEO of Breakaway Graphics, Sheana Firth is truly a miracle worker.  Taking my ideas and visions and making them come to life is a frequency that we are on together.  We started on the logo about two years ago which has been trademarked for about a year and now I am proud to say she is part of the AMco team and hope this is a relationship that lasts a long time.

-Always in tune to new AMco developments, Linger Magazine has been incredibly on top of all the new information, events and collaboration we are up to.  Thank you for staying in the know and posting them without even asking!

-Lisa and Kathy of It’s A Glam Thing have been so incredible with all the love and support.  Thank you for all your blog posts, product placements and supporting all AMco events.  You have a special place in our heart!

-Elena Guzman, founder of Dresses for Haiti, has been heavily involved in putting together the media, press and gift bag donations for the Fashion’s Night Out event on Sept. 8th, 2011.  We are proud to be a part of your cause in helping others that are less fortunate.  The heart and soul of AMco is giving back.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication.

Nourishing NYC is another fantastic NPO (non profit organization) AMco is proud to be part of.  What we like about them is they actually teach people to help themselves.

Gorgeous Advertising CEO, Shawn Riddle, has been managing our website for a few months now and we are super thankful for his expertise in this area.  Thank you for the endless hours and days put into the site to make it fabulous!  Your attention to detail and all your research are worth more than words can say.

-Stan Filondz, owner of Crowned VIP Group and our first publicist, has done everything from managing the website to pounding the pavement last year taking me to fashion events all around the city and rubbing elbows with industry people.  I remember the first conversation we ever had and I’m thankful it turned into a lasting friendship.  You are incredibly generous and thoughtful.

-Ian Schwartzman, the manager for new artist BROMS and has had a heavy hand in making the new way clubs and venue’s do business from the East Coast to the West Coast, Line Rocket has given us some good contacts and we are thankful.  I remember talking about helping each other out and it’s good to know that actions are consistent with words.  So, thank you for being a stand up friend.

-Jose Delgado, Director of Business Development at Creative Display Solutions who is a personal friend and awesome business man.  Thank you for letting me use your apartment when I had no internet and sending me some crazy contacts that I could only dream of getting my hands on.  Thank you for being super supportive in a way no one else has been.  True support and happiness for AMco and me personally is priceless.  Thank you for saying “your success inspires me” and showing the care and support a real man should.  Thanks for being such a great friend!

-Last but certainly not lease, my family.  Thank you to my sister who is my lead model and has a true knack for high fashion modeling.  You are my best friend.  Thank you to my empowering parents, Dr. Josefina Monasterio  for being my Life Coach and being the epitome of AMco.  Your life lessons for the past 30 years have become the foundation of this company.  To my dad, Danny Quaranto, DOM, AP you have my heart.  Your unconditional love and drive to give us everything we ever dreamed of is something I will always remember and feel.  You are the best example of how a man should treat a woman that I know.  I am blessed, thankful and happy I’ve had you all as a role model.  You always make me feel special and you know just how to handle me when I’m at my worst and at my best.

A super big thank you goes out to all the loyal customers.  I remember releasing the first collection and selling out in just a couple weeks thanks to you.  Thank you for all the cards and letters of support.  They were touching and I am so glad the vision behind AMco is something you all believe in.  Those little gestures are what mean the most.

I am grateful for all the heartache in my life because it just inspires me to be better and do better.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, give myself completely and find ways to make it work.  I’m driven by love instinctively, but thanks to all I’ve been through personally, I’m learning quickly that even though I am a tough woman, head strong, determined, driven and ambitious, I am very delicate, like a flower.  And I have to protect that so it’s not taken for granted and taken advantage of.  Thank you to you all for understanding who I am and loving me the same.

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