10 How-To tips on Photo Shoots!

For those of you in the fashion world, you know it takes a good amount of time to put together a GOOD, QUALITY photo shoot.  Scouting out professional Models, Make up artists, photographer and hair stylists is never easy!

Here are some tips on making it easier and fun:

1. Request their work through their website. You want to make sure you are getting quality for what you are paying for and images of the look you want.

2. Have your budget in mind so that you are comfortable compensating each person for their work.

3. Be clear on the vision of your shoot.  If you don’t know, how will they?

4.  Referrals and word of mouth are your best friends.

5. Be kind to everyone involved.  Even though they are working for you, no one like a diva.

6. Remember that you get what you pay for so be generous.  These people are all working for a living too.

7. Always bring food and drinks on set.  Most times shoots take over 4 hours and everyone gets hungry.  It’s a nice touch.

8. Make sure you keep everyone in the loop as the days goes by.

9. If you are doing a test shoot, make sure you get the images in a timely manner and distribute them to the proper people on the team.

10. Play some music, have fun and smile!

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