Highly Anticipated and Exclusively Sold… AMore Collection

Adriana Marie Co has finally launched the new collection!  It’s been highly anticipated by bloggers, magazine editors, customers, family and friends since the beginning of the year.  In a recent interview we expressed the vision of this particular collection here in this short paragraph:

“The upcoming collection is based on love. More specifically, AMore!  The spring is a time where the flowers are starting to bloom again, the trees are starting to come back to life and it represents a time of new beginnings.  I wanted to incorporate all of those beautiful aspects of nature with AMore by Adriana Marie.  Like nature, Love too is a living thing.  It buds, blooms, grows, flourishes and sometimes, unfortunately, dies.  But at some point it is restored and comes back to life” [read more…]

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To make a purchase visit www.Adriana-Marie.com and make sure you also add yourself to the mailing list on the contact page.

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