New AMco Collection is on the way!!

April 26th 2011

 Hi readers!! There have been many wonderful opportunities for Adriana Marie Co.  Just this past weekend, AMco sponsored tee-shirts for the Dresses for Haiti Fashion Show in New York City. The show was a great success and benefited FUNTOSALUD International; a non profit organization with the mission to help the people in need who live on the Dominican/Haitian border.

Now,   I’m sure you are wondering about the newest collection for Adriana Marie Co.! Well, I have great news, the collection is complete and will be available to purchase on our website soon.  The new AMco collection is a mix of motivational words with a sexy style.  Make sure your one of the first to purchase and rock the newest AMco tees and showcase what the brand is all about; motivation, inspiration, & strength with sex appeal!

“Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do.”

Until next time! 


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