Adriana Marie Co. Happiness Facebook Contest


 Hey loyal readers! With Spring 2011 in full bloom, Adriana Marie Co. is following steady behind with creating a new company page on facebook for our friends to suggest to their friends, leave comments, as well as get status updates about events Adriana Marie Co. is sponsoring to help the community, new design concepts the brand is working on, & much more.

As part of creating the Adriana Marie Co. company page on facebook, we have decided to offer a special contest to our friends! That means YOU!!

5 friends + AmCo. tee = Happiness Contest is where our friends can receive a FREE Adriana Marie Co. vintage inspired T-shirt by suggesting the Adriana Marie Co. page to 5 of their friends and getting them to become friends with us so they can join the contest too! There is plenty to share with everyone!

It’s easy, just click here and add us as your friend!  Suggest it to your friends and post it on your page!!  All your friends have to do is post on our wall who suggested them!  If they suggest five people then they are eligible for a FREE AMco T-shirt too!  Not a bad deal! Just remember to repost or RT @AdrianaMarieCo !! We love our loyal tweeties!

“Never give up, never let go of your dreams.” Until next time!

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